Shamanstone is also called Boji Stone and Kansas Stone. It is a unique mineral from Kansas, the United States. The local aborigines regard it as a gift of the earth, which is everywhere. It was widely used until modern times and is the favorite of energy healing in the new era.

Shaman magic stone usually appears dark black or brown, with an uneven surface and almost no luster. At first glance, it is really not very impressive.

Shaman magic stone is mainly composed of such metals as pyrite or hematite, which belongs to a kind of sulfide mineral. Scientists believe it is a fossil formed by marine organisms about 500 million years ago.

After the mineralization of pyrite, it is buried in the ocean. Because the sulfide minerals are acidic, the surface is uneven due to acid etching; After the crustal change, the shaman magic stone also emerged from the sea.

Many shaman magic stones are produced in the desert wasteland of Kansas. Although local witches have widely used them, most people do not care about them, and they have no official name.

It was not until 1972 that Karen Gillespie, an American psychotherapist, officially registered the stone with the name “Boji” and established a company to promote the Shaman Magic Stone that more people learned about its natural healing power.

Because the local shaman likes to use this mineral as a case for healing, it is called “Shaman Magic Stone” or “Kansas Stone” based on its origin.

Modern people rely heavily on information and various artificial inventions in their life. Their life state is often reversed day and night. They overuse their brains and physical strength. Many people feel that they are impetuous and can’t keep their mood stable. They have no direction or goal in life, and their ideas fall into empty talk and can’t be implemented.


Healing property of shaman magic stone

The shaman magic stone belongs to the equiaxed crystal system, and the energy of this crystal system is remarkably stable, which can gradually densify the unstable energy field of human beings.

Shaman magic stone has the effect of gathering energy. It can help people who are weak in energy or who feel impetuous to get a sense of stability and steadfastness.

The shaman stone can not only fix the unstable energy but also make people feel energetic and vital because it contains a lot of iron oxide.

Shaman magic stone is also considered to be an ore with similar frequency to the earth, which can help people balance their energy and achieve the effect of quickly grounding.

When energy is connected with the earth, it can help people calm down and adjust their energy; when people are connected with the earth, they will be calmer and more pragmatic and can gradually realize their ideals rather than just talking.

Modern people have unbalanced energy on the left and right sides of their bodies due to poor living habits or bad posture, which will also cause psychological effects. The right-leaning will be more material-oriented, while the left-leaning will pay too much attention to ideals, which will also cause disharmony in life.

The shaman magic stone is just yin and yang, which can help us re-balance our body energy. When using the shaman magic stone, we usually choose a positive stone to use with a negative stone.

Put the positive stone on the right hand (the positive energy body) and the negative stone on the left hand (the negative energy body), which can strengthen the yin and yang energy and supplement our original insufficient energy form.

You can also put the positive stone on the left hand and the negative stone on the right hand, Let yin and yang energy exchange in the body, form a complete bio-energy cycle, and activate cell energy.

The efficacy and function of shaman stone

1. Powerful energy, which is connected with the earth, can make one’s energy firmly grounded so as to obtain the energy nourishment of the mother of the earth.

2. It can balance the energy of extreme yin and extreme yang so that users can maintain balance and maintain the middle path, so that spiritual practitioners can be healthy and mentally peaceful on the path of practice, without deviation in life, work, and interpersonal relationships.

3. Powerful energy and pure frequency can make it easy for users to contact their guiding spirit (angel) and get guidance.

4. Shaman magic stone also has a powerful cleaning and purifying effect, which can be used to purify the body of patients, eliminate negative energy, etc., and purify the environment’s energy field, Similar to China’s theory of improving feng shui.

5. The shaman magic stone can “charge” the cultivator. When lying flat, place one on the head and another on foot (or at the bottom of the sea wheel), which can stimulate the energy flow between the midrib, making people energetic and clear-headed.

6. Place the shaman magic stone at the eyebrow center wheel to meditate, which may develop the “third eye,” improve awareness and insight, and induce remote viewing, prediction, and other abilities;

Some situations can also learn many events between different reincarnations.

7. There used to be high-energy wizards who used shaman magic stones to perform “transformation” and “shaping” spells and could incarnate as eagles, wolves, black bears, elk, etc.

How to use shaman stone

If people want to experience the energy of the shaman magic stone, they might put the shaman magic stone on the ground and make it correspond to the Yongquan acupoint at the bottom of their feet, so that the turbid Qi and negative energy that can’t be eliminated usually accumulated at the bottom of their feet can be transferred to the ground through the vibration frequency of the shaman magic stone.

The dark shaman magic stone can quickly gather energy, which is suitable for people who feel weak, unable to concentrate, or have no practical ability.

When to use shaman stone

  • Weak energy, weak feet, feeling impetuous
  • And can’t make a decision
  • When you need to implement your ideas
  • Any time you need to meditate

How to clean shaman stone

Purification mode

√: Fumigation or crystal hole purification method

×:Because it contains a large amount of iron ore; it is not suitable for flowing water or sea salt purification.


Shaman Stone, also known as Boji Stone and Kansas Stone, originated in the United States and is the “Moqui Marbles” in the mouth of Native Americans in North America. It contains powerful energy, which has been used by various tribes for generations in healing, restoring physical strength, spiritual cultivation, developing potential, etc.