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rhodochrosite chip
Rhodochrosite Chip
rhodochrosite wand
Rhodochrosite Wand
rhodochrosite beads
Rhodochrosite Beads
rhodochrosite chip
Rhodochrosite Chip
rhodochrosite wand
Rhodochrosite Wand
rhodochrosite beads
Rhodochrosite Beads

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Rhodochrosite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw rhodochrosite, polished rhodochrosite,rhodochrosite tower points wands bulk wholesale, rhodochrosite chips.

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Wholesale Rhodochrosite Stone Guide:

What Is Rhodochrosite?

Rhodochrosite, a transparent to translucent, vitreous and pink crystal, although its hardness is lower, its appearance appeals to young people’s heartstrings. Since the 21st century, it has risen and become popular in the market.

In terms of jewelry, plain stones generally cut into a waist circle are only used as chest pendants. Because of its pink background mixed with white texture patterns of different shapes and the large output and crystal blocks, it is mostly used for decorations and rosary beads.

These mineral crystals are perfectly cleaved in three directions, so be careful when cutting them. It cracks easily at higher temperatures, not to mention chemicals. The rough rhodochrosite of gem-quality rhodochrosite is usually symbiotic with calcite. 

Rhodochrosite produced in the Andes Mountains of Argentina has the best crystal quality, and the color looks like a rose called “Inca Rose.”

Properties of Rhodochrosite

Chemical Composition: Magnesium Carbonate (MnCO3)

Crystal: hexagonal crystal system

Gloss: Vitreous to semi-vitreous

Cleavage: complete cleavage in three directions

Transparency: Transparent to Translucent

Hardness: 3.5~4.5

Toughness: poor

Relative density: 3.6

Birefringence: 0.220

What Is The Healing Energy Of Rhodochrosite?

It is said that the ancient Incas revered rhodochrosite as a “pink rose-patterned pearl” and regarded it as a very important gemstone, as well as a gemstone symbolizing “love and purity.”
People believe that as long as they have it, they can contain rich love and heal the wounds in their hearts. And it is said that the red gemstone can bring wealth and fame, and the Inca rose has much stronger power than the ruby, so it is better to use it as an amulet to protect the body rather than as a personal accessory.

How To Identify Rhodochrosite?

The quality of high transparency and the strong color is better, and the quality of Rhodochrosite produced in Colorado is the best.