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Selenite Wand
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Selenite Stone
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Selenite Stone
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Selenite Stick

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Selenite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw selenite, polished selenite,selenite tower points wands bulk wholesale. selenite chips.

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Wholesale Selenite Stone Guide:

What is Selenite?

Selenite is a variant of gypsum that can be cut into colorless and transparent flakes. It is a monoclinic mineral and a hydrate whose main chemical composition is calcium sulfate (CaSO4).

Selenite is a variant of the gypsum family, which can form columnar or flaky crystals, and is the star of the gypsum family with the desert rose. Gypsum is very fragile and must be carefully stored and protected from moisture.

Its name comes from the ancient Greek god of the moon (Selene), who symbolized the moon’s body, and later Artemis symbolized the moonlight. The ancient Greeks believed that this ore was associated with the full moon’s energy, strengthening the power of wishes or spells.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Selenite?

Selenite is a monoclinic crystal system. Because of its low hardness, it releases energy very quickly and directly, which can make people feel cool.

Like moonlight, this ore soothes the wounds of our souls, and through its soft and delicate energy, we have the opportunity to heal the wounds that lie deep in our souls. Selenite contains a lot of calcium and can be placed anywhere on the body to help people relax and bring confidence and courage.

How to Use Selenite?

Selenite can heal mental problems caused by weak or lack of energy, which is very helpful for emotional problems.

Selenite can be placed next to the pillow; it can help sleep and reduce the chance of dreaming, it will relax our brain, and there will be no tension in sleep.

When to Use Selenite?
  • Want to enhance intuition and observation
  • Emotionally traumatized
  • There are some diseases or wounds that have been unable to heal