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Peridot Chip

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peridot chip

Peridot Chip

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Peridot Beads

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peridot crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw peridot, polished peridot,peridot tower points wands bulk wholesale, peridot chips.

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Wholesale Peridot Crystal Guide:

What is Peridot?

Peridot, also known as precious olivine, is derived from the Latin word for “table olive.” It gets its name because of its yellow-green color and luster that resembles the olive fruit. Some people also call it the “twilight emerald,” a precious gemstone.

Olivine grows in igneous rocks and is usually closely related to volcanic activity. Still, it is very brittle and cannot withstand high temperatures, so olivine crystals are usually not too large. Because olivine does not melt at high temperatures, it is also often used in refractory materials.

There are two kinds of peridot, and one contains magnesium, the color is stronger and green, called “bitter peridot” or “precious peridot”; the other contains iron, darker color and rare output, called “Falconite.” In general, the most common ones in the market are bitter earth peridot.

More than 3,500 years ago, peridot was first discovered on the island of St. John in Egypt. The Egyptians at that time believed that this was the gift of the sun god, a gem belonging to the sun, and applied it in statues and temples, and together with lapis lazuli and emeralds, it became the healing stone of the Egyptians.

After that, the peridot also profoundly influenced the Jewish nation and was listed as one of the holy stones on the priest’s breastplate. It is said that this was because if there was a war between tribes at that time, peridot was a necessary gift for peace, so it could be used in Jerusalem. Saw many temples decorated with peridot.

In North America, the Apaches also regarded the peridot as a holy stone and used peridot to decorate various sacred objects. It can be seen that peridot occupies a pivotal position in world culture and is important spiritual sustenance for people in religion and culture.

The healing power of peridot is also mentioned in the book of naturopath pioneer Sister St. Sidgar. She believes olivine is the crystal of the sun and the wind/can heal liver and stomach diseases.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Peridot?

Peridot belongs to the orthorhombic crystal system, which can clear the negative energy of blockage and heal the once injured mind. Since Peridot is formed in volcanic geology, it carries powerful fire energy, which can accelerate the metabolism of body functions and ensure the health of body energy.

On a spiritual level, Peridot is a great help for people who are always indecisive or afraid to take responsibility for their actions, allowing them to take responsibility for themselves and become mature. Peridot contains magnesium, which brings the power of growth, helps us through the immature stages of life and leads us to the peak of life.

What Are The Feng Shui Of Peridot?

Peridot, known as the emerald of dusk, is the birthstone of August, symbolizing “happiness of husband and wife”.

The reason why Peridot is used as symbol of happiness for couples may be related to its green color. Olive green is a kind of light green; this color is so stable and simple, like middle-aged couples walking hand in hand on life’s journey.

They have had the dreams of young people and experienced the madness of young people; life is for them. Such beauty, the emotions they focus on are so mundane and endless.

Therefore, they did not choose the emerald, which symbolizes spring, nor the pigeon’s blood red, which symbolizes fiery love. Instead, they chose the eternal light green to express the lasting happiness between a trustworthy couple.

Peridot also has many legends of its own. The Egyptians called peridot “the gem of the sun”, believing that it has the power of the sun and that those who wear it can eliminate the fear at night.

While in Hawaii, the United States, people call peridot “the tears of the god of fire”, which may be because the local Peridot is mostly found in the volcanic rock around the crater, speckled like teardrops from a volcano, wrapped in black volcanic rock.

How to Use Peridot?

People can wear Peridot to strengthen their biomagnetic energy field, generate momentum and self-confidence, and adjust their nervous and uneasy emotions.

Peridot can help detoxify the liver and brighten the eyes, and it can quickly recover those who have been weak for a long time or recover from a serious illness.

Peridot can help heal organs such as the liver, gallbladder, stomach, and heart. If you have ever had a serious illness, you can also use it to maintain it.

When to Use Peridot?
  • chronically depressed or negative thinkers
  • Those who can’t grow and stay where they are
  • Want to improve social skills and self-confidence
  • When you need to clean up negative energy
  • When you feel disturbed by outsiders and cannot keep quiet
  • have liver or stomach problems
How to Clean Peridot?

Purification method: In addition to the sea salt method, other purification methods are acceptable.