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Aventurine Stone

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Aventurine crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw aventurine, polished aventurine, aventurine tower points wands bulk wholesale. aventurine chips.

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Wholesale Aventurine Crystal Guide:

What is Aventurine?

Aventurine jade, also known as ocean stone or aventurine stone, was first produced in India, so it is also known as “Indian jade.” Its scientific name is aventurine, and its inclusions usually have microscopic grains, pyrite, etc. There are two kinds of aventurine stone, green and red, most of which are opaque, occasionally a little translucent, and the hardness is similar to that of crystal.
Green aventurine was once called Indian jadeite, and its chemical composition is mainly silica, which belongs to quartzite. The green aventurine has an oily green undertone, with bright dots on it, its density is lower than that of jadeite, and its price is far lower than that of high-quality jadeite.

What Are Characteristics of Aventurine?

Aventurine jade is a chromium-containing mica-quartzite. The quartz grains of aventurine jade are relatively coarse, with a particle size of 0.2-2 mm, and a granular structure. There are chromium mica, suvite, rutile, blue lineite, hematite, etc. between the grains.
Aventurine jade has strong grease luster and vitreous luster, translucent to slightly transparent, refractive index 1.544-1.560, hardness 7, density 2.65-2.8 g/cubic centimeter, uneven fracture shape, and relatively brittle. The grains are tightly bound with no visible gaps, so the texture is uniform. Tiny flaky mica crystals make aventurine jade feel like Venus sparkles.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Aventurine?

Green aventurine has been successfully used in psychotherapy. It has a certain effect on heart and lung problems and can increase the flexibility of muscles. It is most often used to treat heart and eye diseases.
Green Aventurine reduces anxiety and soothes emotions and is best used for melting heart knots.
It’s also a gem that keeps you in a good mood. Emerald green is originally the color of spring. It manifests prosperity, business, abundance, abundance, and beauty. It also represents a general wealth, which can attract good friends, good luck, good opportunities, and good material energy.
Aventurine jade is also the lucky stone for the birth of May in the Gregorian calendar.
Aventurine is beneficial to the thymus and nervous system, stabilizes blood pressure, and strengthens metabolism. It relieves rashes and allergies, eliminates migraines, and relieves tired eyes. It can be used as a gemstone to relieve skin diseases.
Aventurine jade is usually worn on the left hand, so that energy can be input into the human body through blood circulation to achieve the effect of protection.

What Is The Difference Between Aventurine Jade And Jadeite?

1) Under the perspective light, it can be seen that there are green chrome mica flakes arranged in parallel in the aventurine jade. When viewed from the side, a green line is often formed”. Viewed under the Charles filter, the green chrome mica appears red.
2) The density of aventurine jade is 2.65 grams per cubic centimeter, which is much smaller than that of jadeite and can be measured by hand.
3) The average refractive index of aventurine is 1.55, which is lower than that of jadeite.