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At Wholesale Crystal Supplier, relying on advanced production equipment and high-quality rough crystals, we have provided a large number of rough crystals, crystal jewelry, and various supplies with high-quality products, popular styles, and affordable prices over the past ten years. Whether you are a crystal lover or a wholesale crystal business, our professional team will help you..



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Crystal stone is completely the product of nature. It is born underground. The formation process of individual quartz crystal stones takes hundreds of millions of years.
The shape of each cell in the crystal is repeated, each cell is a small crystal, and each cell has the same shape as the previous cell.

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Although we provide a large number of crystal styles, if you still haven’t found a satisfactory product and want to realize your unique ideas, it doesn’t matter. We are happy to cooperate and communicate.

We can provide customized services; you can provide original or design materials and make your request.

Our professional team can make samples for you. After receiving a satisfactory sample, we can make mass production.

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