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Raw Labradorite


Labradorite pendant

labradorite wand

Labradorite wand


Raw Labradorite


Labradorite pendant

labradorite wand

Labradorite wand

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Labradorite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw labradorite, polished labradorite, labradorite tower points wands bulk wholesale. labradorite chips.

Raw Labradorite

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Wholesale Labradorite Crystal Guide:

What is Labradorite?

Labradorite is named after the place name because it was discovered in Labrador, Canada. It is translucent and has mixed colors such as green, blue, yellow, purple, and golden red. 

The halo of Labradorite is produced because Labradorite has parallel twin crystal planes, and the light irradiates on different planes to produce interference color spots.

The Labradorite produced in Finland is also called Spectrolite, just like the three-school mirror divides the sunlight spectrum into rainbows;

The Labradorite produced in Utah in the United States is yellowish and transparent Labradorite; 

The Labradorite is produced in Labradorite, Canada. It is also called “Labrador Rock.”

There are also a small amount of potassium feldspar molecules and traces of (BaO: <0.2%), (SrO: <0.2%), (FeO+FeO), and other impurities in the chemical composition.

[Crystal structure]

Triclinic system.

[Crystal form]

It is mostly plate or columnar.

[Physical Properties]

White-grey or grey-black, occasionally yellow, brown, red and green. Vitreous, transparent or slightly transparent. The relative density is 2.2~2.69. Hardness 6~6.5. With two sets of cleavage, no fluorescence reaction.

It has poly-lamellar twin crystals or a fine alternating layer of albite formed by solid solution breaking off and has fine pores parallel to the crystal plane so that its transparent or translucent varieties can have some special optical effects.

Flashing a touch of blue or opalescent called moonstone; some with halo, called iridescent Labradorite.

[Characteristics under the microscope]

Characteristics under the polarizing microscope: biaxial crystal (+), 2V=85°. Refractive index Ng=1.562~1.672, Nm=1.558~1.567, Np=1.555~1; birefringence: 0.007~0.012.


Labradorite is widely found in various intermediate, basic and ultrabasic rocks.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Labradorite?

Between North and South America, butterflies often migrate across the sea, changing their habitats and migration routes with the climate. In North American legends, a goddess is said to have a thousand masks that can transform into various creatures, even people.
This goddess, known as the Butterfly Goddess, will lead all the butterflies to migrate, and where she rests with these butterflies, these healing stones with beautiful butterfly wings are formed.
In North America, if you can have these beautiful healing stones, it means you have the blessing of the goddess, and you can even become the head of a family.
Labradorite is monoclinic and can absorb negative energy and support positive energy. It can also help people heal past experiences of transformation or failure in trying to change.
In the process of our growth, there are always many challenges and opportunities waiting for us. Sometimes we are full of expectations for a big transformation, but we do not get the results we want. Sometimes we try to dig out the hidden dark side of the past and completely remodel it, but we can’t hold on to the end and have to stuff these frightening memories back into a corner of the mind.
Even if time passes and memories fade away, these energies may still hurt us.
Labradorite can absorb these negative energies so that they no longer disturb us, allowing our minds to pass through the dark night smoothly. When labradorite brings out our hidden negative memories, we can face life more easily. With the power it brings us, we can overcome all the hurtful things and live a good life.

How to Use Labradorite?

Labradorite is a very special ore. The better the quality of the labradorite, the more colors you can see, which means the more energy it can bring.
The value of the orange soul is finding the courage to live out your true self.
The yellow soul’s majesty no longer suffers any grievances from the power of the blue soul and no longer doubts its own future.
The growth of the blue-green soul, the journey of self-seeking from the inside out
When you feel like you need to go to the next level or want to face your dark side, you can find strength and face challenges with the help of labradorite.

When to Use Labradorite?
  • when longing for change
  • When you feel like you’re standing still and you’re not making progress
  • when you need some miracles
  • want to face my dark side