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azurite beads

Azurite Beads

Azurite Beads

Azurite Beads

Azurite Beads

Azurite Beads

Raw azurite

Raw azurite

Raw azurite

Raw azurite

Raw azurite

Raw azurite

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azurite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw azurite, polished azurite,azurite tower points wands bulk wholesale. azurite chips.

Raw Azurite

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Raw azurite

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Azurite Beads

Azurite Beads Wholesale

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Wholesale Azurite Crystal Guide:

What is Azurite?

Azurite is a secondary mineral formed by the reaction of copper minerals with water containing carbonate ions. Azurite crystals are plate or columnar euhedral, radial, stalactites, etc., produced together with limonite or malachite. 

Subsequently, the water continued to increase and the carbonic acid gradually decreased and metamorphosed into malachite.

In this case, the azurite will become completely malachite from the surface to the interior, looking like malachite crystal

Its characteristic bluish cyan color is used for “Ultramarine” in Japanese painting pigments.

Azurite is dark blue to purplish-blue. Very gorgeous. There are not many crystals that can exhibit high transparency. When this type of ore is symbiotic with malachite, it is called “Azurmalachite.”

Azurite has low hardness and poor durability. It is very easy to wear when used in jewelry, so it is mostly used as a carving material or decoration. Azurite is an ore familiar to mankind since ancient times. 

Like malachite, Egyptians often grind azurite into powder to make pigments. Recently researchers have believed that azurite is a gemstone that helps increase the super-powerful azurite topping stone, which is greatly appreciated by the world.

Properties of Azurite

Color: dark blue to violet blue

Chemical composition: Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2

Crystalline system: monoclinic system, the crystal is plate-like or short-columnar

Gloss: Vitreous to waxy sheen

Cleavage: two-way cleavage

Transparency: Translucent to Opaque

Hardness: 3.5~4.0

Toughness: poor

Relative density: 33~3.89

Refractive index: 1.730~1.836

Birefringence: 0.106

Pleochroism: strong, with varying depths of blue

What Is The Healing Energy Of Azurite?

Since ancient times, azurite has been considered a gem that helps to enhance the aura, and it is said that in ancient Egypt and ancient Rome, priests had the habit of wearing this gem to hear the voice of the gods.

Some people believe that the “blue” of azurite has great power to open the door to the spiritual world, and the blue of azurite can play a role in the life wheel (sixth life wheel) between the eyebrows where the third eye is located, Communication with the wisdom of the universe is also very effective for lonely thoughts, which can quickly eliminate mental fatigue.

It is said that putting azurite to sleep under the pillow can help you to dream of predictable dreams, and at the same time, it can increase concentration and concentration and it can also promote the gradually declining imagination. Azurite is said to promote bone growth, especially healthy fetal growth, and positively affects brain and nerve activity.

What Is The Effect Of Azurite?

It is believed that azurite is a powerful healing gem. it brings clear understanding and fresh perspectives, removes the barriers that have long existed in people’s communication, and strengthens memory. Moreover, it will prompt you to question your own view of reality and slowly elevate your old ideas to the level of consciousness, thus proving that they are contrary to the truth, prompting you to give up old-fashioned beliefs, bravely enter the unknown, and gain deeper insights and new worldviews.

Emotionally, it is said that azurite can eliminate stress, anxiety, misfortune and sadness and let people understand the reasons for the emergence of emotions, such as fear and aggravation, so as to seek solutions.

In addition, crystal fans believe that it can calm people who are jittery due to nervousness and enhance their ability to express themselves.

Azurite is said to treat throat disease and arthritis, straighten the spine, and treat disorders or damage to the brain starting from the cell twin.

It also has a specific adjuvant therapeutic effect on the kidney, gallbladder, liver, spleen, thyroid, bone, tooth and skin diseases, which can avoid the deterioration of the condition. In addition, it has detoxification and the effect of promoting fetal development.