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lapis lazuli wand

lapis lazuli wand

lapis lazuli beads

Lapis Lazuli Beads

lapis lazuli stone

Lapis Lazuli Stone

lapis lazuli wand

lapis lazuli wand

lapis lazuli beads

Lapis Lazuli Beads

lapis lazuli stone

Lapis Lazuli Stone

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lapis lazuli crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw lapis lazuli, polished lapis lazuli, lapis lazuli tower points wands bulk wholesale. lapis lazuli chips.

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lapis lazuli wand

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lapis lazuli beads

Lapis Lazuli Beads Wholesale

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Wholesale Lapis lazuli Crystal Guide:

What is Lapis lazuli?

Lapis lazuli, the earliest healing stone, was mined in Afghanistan 6,000 years ago and has become a critical gemstone. In the eyes of the Egyptians, this beautiful dark blue stone is the celestial garment left by the goddess of night perched on the earth when the night sky is in the daytime.
Lapis lazuli is composed of 4 kinds of minerals: dark Lazulite, white Sodalite, light blue Hauynite, and Noselite. If it also contains pyrite or chromium, it will form tiny golden dots that resemble the stars when they spread across the surface. If there is more Sodalite, white streaks or spots will form.
The “lapis” of lapis lazuli comes from the Latin “stone,” meaning: “lazuli” means “blue” or “blue stone origin” in Persian.
In the eyes of the Babylonians, the royal family wearing lapis lazuli could obtain the inspiration and favor of the gods and relieve the symptoms of depression and sores.
In ancient Egypt, lapis lazuli symbolized the wisdom of heaven. Priests would wear lapis lazuli to symbolize their wisdom and status and to obtain the guidance of the gods; the royal family liked to grind lapis lazuli into powder and make eye shadows to represent the power of the gods’ Eyes and dignity.
In India, lapis lazuli is the symbol of Shiva, the God of destruction and rebirth, and is even used in medicine or made into ointments.
In China, lapis lazuli symbolizes God, and the Temple of Heaven is made of lapis lazuli, representing the virtue of heaven.
In medieval Christian culture, lapis lazuli was often used in blue paint to paint the robe of the Madonna, symbolizing purity and reason. Lapis lazuli is also the “glass” in the Seven Treasures of Buddhism. It is entirely different from modern glass (artificial glass) and is a typical religious sacred stone.

Beautiful Legend Of Lapis Lazuli

In the blue night sky, countless star-like lapis lazuli shines, symbolizing the travellers who guide the night.

It is said that in ancient Egypt and the plains of Mesopotamia, lapis lazuli was revered as the gem that guards the traveller of the lonely world.

Even Ishtar, the goddess of beauty and abundance in Mesopotamian mythology, wore lapis lazuli as an amulet when she went to the lonely world.

In Egypt, lapis lazuli is called “the stone of Osiris, the god of the sky and the lonely world”. It symbolizes the secret amulet that protects the highest truth.

It is often used as a mummy and a tomb. In the tombs of Tutankhamun, lapis lazuli is used extensively in both coffins and funerary objects. The blue part around the eyes of the famous golden mask is also lapis lazuli.

The ancient Romans believed lapis lazuli could treat depression and was an ideal laxative. When used as a laxative, as long as the unwashed lapis lazuli is swallowed, it can induce vomiting; if it is swallowed after washing, it will become feces. In medieval Europe, it was believed that lapis lazuli could maintain health, ease disease, and prevent lumps and thickening; lapis lazuli also calms hostile emotions, eliminates discord, promotes coordination, and helps to eliminate the enemy’s emotions.

At the same time, it can make people good at expressing their own thoughts; lapis lazuli is also the guardian stone to avoid miscarriage and birth. Some people believe lapis lazuli can lift low moods and eliminate depression.

What is the energy of Lapis Lazuli?

Lapis belongs to the equiaxed crystal system and has the characteristics of stable energy. In addition, most lapis lazuli contains pyrite, which is also in the equiaxed crystal system, which can refocus the loose or weak energy and quickly clear the negative energy.
Therefore, in ancient Egypt, the priests would stick lapis lazuli on their foreheads, maintain a state of meditative meditation, obtain information from the heavens, and even carry out the so-called out-of-body experience.
Lapis lazuli has the effect of clearing the mind and focusing, it can be worn when the mind needs to be clear, to maintain focus, and it also helps people who are often distracted to find their way and avoid getting lost. Its energy can also make people face all problems seriously and make people think about more realistic situations. Therefore, sometimes people feel as if they are not compatible with lapis lazuli energy, which means that you need more time to adapt to this stock energy. Maybe you will find that people who like to wear lapis lazuli have a severe side and often even make people feel too strict.

How to use Lapis Lazuli?

Wearing lapis lazuli can enhance rational energy, improve thinking speed, and find life’s direction. Bracelets or necklaces can achieve good results. If you are in an extraordinarily negative or melancholy state, you can put lapis lazuli on your forehead every morning before you get up. Dou thinks that the dark blue light will enter your body, which can avoid drowsiness in the morning and bring good luck.
Lapis lazuli can enhance the energy of spirit and soul, give people insight and a clear mind, and see through falsehoods and traps, so it is called a gem of wisdom, and long-term wear can give people the power to think calmly and rationally.
Lapis lazuli is composed of many kinds of minerals, so it also symbolizes the power of unity, which can make people clearly understand that they are whole person, suitable for people who cannot distinguish between enemy and self or who have lost themselves.

When to use Lapis Lazuli?
  • When a high degree of concentration is required
  • When hoping to find a direction in life
  • When you can’t decide on a job, career, or even a romantic partner
  • Wish to improve learning ability
How To Evaluate The Quality Of Lapis Lazuli?

We can evaluate the quality of lapis lazuli from color, clarity, processing quality and weight.

The most precious lapis lazuli should be a strong violet-blue with uniform color distribution, no calcite and pyrite inclusions, and strong luster; In general, most commercial lapis lazuli contains varying amounts of pyrite or calcite; the more calcite contained in it, the worse the quality. 

The same sample should pay attention to the quality change of different parts. In addition, processing technology, weight and other aspects are important factors affecting the quality of lapis lazuli.

In the market, lapis lazuli is roughly divided into the following grades:

 Lapis lazuli grade:

The highest quality lapis lazuli jade, with a lapis lazuli content of more than 99%, no pyrite, few impurity minerals, dense, tough and delicate texture, showing a rich, pure, uniform blue.

The content of lapis lazuli is generally 90% to 95%. There is no white spot; there may be sparse star-shaped pyrite and a small number of other impurities, 

The texture is relatively pure, dense and delicate, and the color concentration, uniformity and purity are relatively high. 

Scarab Stone grade: 

The content of lapis lazuli is significantly reduced, and it contains more and dense pyrite. The range of impurity minerals is increased dramatically, with white spots and white flowers, and the color concentration is reduced dramatically, showing light blue and uneven distribution.

Hasten Parturitian Stone grade:

The worst quality generally does not contain pyrite, the content of impurity minerals such as calcite is significantly increased, and only star-shaped blue distribution is seen on jade or blue and white mixed mottled.