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Charoite Beads
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Charoite stone
charoite beads
Charoite beads
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Charoite Chip
Charoite stone
Charoite stone

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Charoite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw charoite, polished charoite,charoite tower points wands bulk wholesale. charoite chips.

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Wholesale Charoite Crystal Guide:

What is Charoite?

Charoite is a kind of aggregate, colored stone mainly composed of fibrous purple monetite crystals discovered in Russia in recent years.

Therefore, the finished product price is lower than that of Suji stone, and the market price is also about 30% lower than that of Suji stone. It is characterized by mainly purple and white fibrous structures.

Charoite must be formed by twisting all minerals together under an extremely special environment and pressure. Its velvety light and the state of its many colors mixed together are often very mesmerizing.

The name Charoite comes from the Chara River in Siberia, where it was discovered.

Its beautiful color comes from the mixture of a variety of minerals, the main one being the monetite, which is formed by the intrusion of nepheline with strong alkali into limestone, and other minerals such as microcline feldspar are intertwined in together.

Under the action of special pressure and temperature, these minerals are gradually “kneaded together to form a marbled, beautiful and bright purple mineral.

Color: purple, fuchsia, white, black

Hardness: 4.5~5.5

Cleavage: complete cleavage

Crystal system: monoclinic system

What Is The Healing Energy Of Charoite?

Charoite is a monoclinic healing stone. It contains a lot of ore energy in its structure, which means that it can help us eliminate differences between groups or individuals, accept and understand other people’s ideas, and give others freedom of expression.

In the power of Charoitel, we can gain true tolerance and compassion, just as it is intertwined with various minerals into a stronger and more attractive force.

Charoite has a variety of metal elements, which can help us have better body functions and regulate the secretion of hormones in the body.

On a spiritual level, it brings a powerful and integrating force that allows us truly confront our dark and light sides.

Crystal fans believe that it is the stone of reformation, the stone of the soul that dispels fear, stimulates the heart and crown chakras, promotes the development of the “third eye”, purifies the human aura, stimulates selfless love, and strengthens spiritual insight power, which helps people adapt to dramatic changes in spirituality.

According to legend, it can cause the vibration frequency to change constantly to connect to the higher realm. At the same time, it is said to deeply heal physical and mental trauma, allowing you to accept the status quo and see the good in it.

Its effects on people’s bodies, minds, and spirits specifically include several points. On the psychological level, it is said to help people eliminate isolation or frustration by balancing the crown chakra, bringing motivation, vitality and positivity.

Integration of “Negative conduct” allows people to learn to tolerate others with a broad mind, remove deep fears, and overcome the resistance psychology that appears when recalling unpleasant pasts: reduce stress and anxiety, relax people: relieve impulses and troubles, etc.

In life, people believe that this crystal can enhance observation and analysis ability and help to make quick decisions, so it is especially beneficial to those who are easily influenced by the thoughts and patterns of others.

In addition, it inspires fraternity, encourages public welfare, and provides practical ways to overcome individual and collective difficulties.

Charoite can transform the negative energy of the human body into healing power, especially to replenish energy for the exhausted body so that it can get rid of the entanglement of disease.

It regulates blood pressure, relieves cramps and pain, improves liver function damaged by enzymes, and benefits the eyes, heart, spleen and abdominal glands.

In addition, it also has a specific therapeutic effect on nervous system disorder, helps to get rid of insomnia, makes children sleep peacefully, and can treat manic depression and integrate dual personality.

How To Use Charoite Correctly?

Charoite can help us fight against our own sense of competition, eliminate the mentality that we like to compete with others, and face up to our own ambitions and ambitions.

It can also help all those who are deeply troubled by power and money games and get rid of endless greed.

For those who have been unable to arrange their lives reasonably or who feel that they cannot play various roles in their lives perfectly, they can use the power of Charoite Crystal to reallocate your time.

People can use Charoite Crystal to change their living habits or adapt to a new environment;

They can also put Charoite at home and use its high-frequency energy vibration to change the atmosphere of the family.

Charoite can help us tolerate the differences between our families and learn to listen to our own needs and ideas.

When To Use Charoite?
  • When there is a significant life change or when you are about to change jobs or move
  • When facing your true self
  • When the family is not in harmony
  • inability to live in harmony with others
  • People who are troubled by money and power