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Wholesale Black Obsidian Crystal Guide:

What is Black Obsidian?

Black obsidian is a natural glass formed by the rapid cooling of lava from volcanoes. Usually brown to black, but also gray, tan and green-brown. A kind of black obsidian formed by quartz crystals called snowflake obsidian and chrysanthemum obsidian is mainly produced in the United States and Mexico. 

Obsidian stone is amorphous, transparent to opaque. Spherical aggregates with a rough surface are common, and flattened and elongated bubble inclusions are common in crystals. 

Sometimes these small inclusions cause the halo effect of cabochon gemstones. The main producing areas of black obsidian are Mexico, New Zealand, Iceland, Luyali, Greece and the United States.

Chemical components

The main component of black obsidian is SiO2, which can contain various impurities. Black obsidian is a kind of streamlined glass. A typical sample should have the following composition: SiO2 76.8%, AlO, 12.1%, FeO, 0.6%, Fe008%, Mg00.8%, CuO0.6%, NaO3.8%, K2O4.9%, H2O0.1% . It is almost entirely composed of glass, usually quartz, feldspar and other microcrystals, phenocrysts, and family crystals.


Generally, irregular blocks have many variants, such as strips, undulating strips, and braided straight parallel strips. There is also a chrysanthemum-shaped black matrix with white silica plaques and small spherical pieces of round black obsidian (called black obsidian ball). Many tiny high-reflectivity inclusions appear dazzling. Star-shaped gloss.

Physical properties

Black obsidian is vitreous and transparent to opaque. Color types are from gray to black, dark brown and also can be tan, orange or red, light green, blue, or purple. Fold (including cristobalite)

The emissivity is 1.490 (+0.20, a Q010), and there is no birefringence. Enlarged inspection shows elongated bubbles and flow structures. Black obsidian has needle-like or crystal inclusions, and optical properties are homogeneous, common abnormal extinction, with conchoidal fractures, hardness is 5-6; density is 2.40 (+0.10, -Q07) g/cm; it varies with the number of bubbles and inclusions.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Black Obsidian?

Black obsidian is formed from volcanic lava that cools too quickly to crystallize. This fast-acting and powerful gemstone are believed to bring honesty and contemplation, ruthlessly revealing people’s weaknesses, flaws, and flaws—there are few secrets in the face of the Black Spark. Since it can also bring negative emotions to people and expose unpleasant facts, for example, to make people clearly aware of their true darkest side, it must be used with caution, preferably with an experienced physical therapist.

Under the guidance of experienced people, Black obsidian can play its function of clearing the stomach. It also has deep healing properties, promoting a return to a past life, thereby healing the emotional wounds that linger in this present life.

In the mind of many crystal lovers, the Black obsidian is a powerful guardian stone, like a shield that isolates negative energy around the body. It is said that it also provides a grounding rope from the bottom wheel to the center of the earth to absorb negative energy in the environment.

Therefore, a large piece of obsidian can effectively eliminate ground tension and environmental pollution. However, be sure to rinse it under running water to demagnetize it after each use.

Many people find its energy too stimulating and prefer a gentler gemstone. Not so with physical therapists and counselors, who believe that the gemstone goes to the heart of the problem and cleans up the energy released. Black sapphire and reddish-brown obsidian work best in this regard, although the latter is relatively mild.

For overly sensitive people, obsidian can help them get rid of their mental troubles, especially in a troubling situation where everything is waiting to be done; it can give strong support.

The specific method is to put obsidian on the edge of the bed or under the pillow – it is said that this can play a good role in calming the mind and eliminating mental stress.

Some milder obsidian, such as Apache Tear or Snowflake Obsidian, are the best choices. Of course, people must try to solve the various factors that cause mental stress first, and it cannot solve all problems.

In addition, it is believed that obsidian can stimulate people’s desire for knowledge, broaden their horizons, eliminate confusion and narrow ideas, identify outdated behavior patterns, and make people confidently enter the unknown. The ability to gain insight into the root cause of illness can improve the body’s digestive function, especially helping to digest any unacceptable things.

It can purify the mind and body, eliminate arteriosclerosis, relieve pain (especially joint pain), stop bleeding, reduce the number of cramps and injuries, improve the function of the circulatory system, etc. This gem also has the function of improving prostate enlargement and can also help patients in shock to regain consciousness and put it in the right place.

Different Types of Obsidian Healing Effects

The crystallographic theory holds that, in addition to standard functions, the following colors of Obsidian have other unique “properties.”

Black Obsidian: According to one theory, it is a powerful creation stone. Conscious guidance brings soul and spiritual power to people and enables spiritual energies to manifest and solidify them into the body. It acts as a counselor for all kinds of problems with energy use, reminding people to use power wisely rather than moderately or misuse it. Used in conjunction with colorless quartz, it contributes to the steady implementation of energy and helps people articulate what is manifested.

On the other hand, this crystal is said to bring out hidden truths and expose the dark side of character, thereby forcing people to face their true selves and helping to remove the inferiority that hinders their own development. Another theory is that the black Obsidian, the guardian stone, can drive away negative, indifferent emotions, help people break free from old love, and support them during transformation.

Shamans believe it has prophetic powers and also use it to improve physical disorders. Moreover, the black obsidian spheres can powerfully promote loneliness and divination, but only when they are used for supreme good.

In terms of curative effect, it is said that placing the black obsidian stone on the navel can put the spiritual energy into the body and can also bring the scattered energy together, which is helpful for emotional liberation. Placing it directly on the brow chakra can eliminate people’s mental obstacles and troubles.

Blue Obsidian: Helps to “steal the soul” and improves the ability of prophecy and telepathy. In addition, it activates the throat chakra and strengthens people’s communication skills. In terms of curative effects, blue obsidian makes the body’s aura easy to receive healing energy and also treats speech disorders, eye diseases, Alzheimer’s disease, schizophrenia, and multiple personality imbalances. Please put it on the affected area to relieve pain.

Blue-green Obsidian:

  • Opens the heart and throat chakras.
  • Encourages people to speak the truth.
  • Enhances understanding of others.

Acupressure therapy is often used to coordinate the relationship between body, mind, and spirit, improve people’s absorption of vitamins A and C, and enhance their night vision.

Iron Blue Obsidian: Known as the “Stone of Inspiration,” the iron blue obsidian stone is said to improve the ability of prophecy and help people enter a state of renunciation – shamans often use it to promote the return to the past. It is believed that it opens the brow chakra, helps to gain a deeper understanding of the self, and, when combined with other obsidian stones, it goes straight to the source of the problem and balances the body’s energy field. On the other hand, because it can enhance the efficacy of radiation therapy, many people like to use it to assist in the diagnosis of diseases and allow patients to receive treatment better. Its medicinal properties also include the treatment of spinal dislocation, vertebral hyperplasia, circulatory disorders, intermittent disease, and eye diseases.

Golden Lustrous Obsidian: The ideal divination stone for crystal players, this gem is said to lead you into the past and future, at the heart of problems. According to the theory of crystal therapy, it can balance the human body’s energy field when used in treatment. Still, to achieve the desired effect, it needs the assistance of other crystals. Psychologically, the golden luster of Obsidian can eliminate the feeling of powerlessness, free people from egoism, and bring guidance to the spirit.

Green Obsidian: According to legend, this gem can open and purify acupoints such as the heart chakra and throat chakra, remove the bondage from others, and resist temptation. In terms of efficacy, it can treat problems with the gallbladder and heart. However, before using it, make sure you have the real thing, not glass.

Reddish-brown Obsidian: It has milder properties compared to obsidian. It resonates with the earth, providing stability, protection and support when needed. According to legend, it is precisely because of the stable energy that it can activate the weak aura, restore the operation of the sun chakra and the navel chakra, eliminate energy blockages, and promote human growth. Wearing it on the body can eliminate pain and improve the function of the circulatory system.

Rainbow Obsidian: It is one of the milder Obsidian stones with strong protective properties. It is believed that this crystal imparts knowledge about the nature of the spirit, helps people break free from the bondage of old love, gently removes the shadows left in the heart by others, and energizes the soul. Wearing it as a pendant can absorb the negative energy in the human aura and eliminate tension.

Red Obsidian: It is believed to improve spiritual power, vitality, fertility, and brotherhood and to treat fever and cold.

Silver Obsidian: This crystal is one of the best crystals for divination and is even used to guide “soul thieves.” Like other obsidians, it reflects the inner nature of people, creates favorable conditions for living organisms, and grants people patience and perseverance when necessary.

What Is The Role Of Black Obsidian In Feng Shui?

Black obsidian has a strong function of warding off evil spirits and can effectively dissolve negative energy. Among the ancient Chinese Buddhist cultural relics, there are quite a few black obsidian sacred objects or Buddha statues related to townhouses or warding off evil spirits.
Black obsidian is also the best gemstone for Buddhist disciples to practice. Obsidian is one of the crystal family’s most powerful crystals to exclude negative energy.
In Indian legend, obsidian is known as “Apache’s Tears.” The enemy ambushed a team in the tribe, and the whole army was wiped out. The tears of the family members fell to the ground and turned into small black obsidian stones, “Yappa said. “The Tears of Strange” got its name.
Since the pure energy of obsidian belongs to absorbing energy, it is generally recommended to wear the black obsidian stone on the right hand. Almost all crystals are worn on the left hand, except for black obsidian, which is worn on the right hand according to the ancient Chinese Qi method-the principle of left in and right out.
Therefore, the left hand is the intake air and the right hand is the exhaust air. Wearing the black obsidian stone on the right-hand helps to absorb the negative energy of oneself, including unclean things, compared with the black obsidian stone bracelet. Or sickness, or even bad luck, and it can also effectively ward off evil spirits.
Because of its powerful and pure energy, the black obsidian stone can be placed in a place with heavy evil spirits or even made into a Buddha statue, which has a very good effect on warding off evil spirits and blocking evil spirits. The ground absorbs negative energy, but it will not clear it, so it is necessary to purify the black obsidian stone within a certain period of time.