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Amethyst crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw amethyst, polished amethyst, amethyst tower points wands bulk wholesale. amethyst chips..

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Amethyst Crystal Guide:

What is Amethyst Stone?

Amethyst is a purple crystal that ranges in color from light purple to reddish purple. Pleochroism, ranging from weak to strong, is related to the hue and concentration of the color, sometimes with some shades of brown, red, and blue, with the very tips of the crystals being the darkest.
The color distribution of amethyst is often uneven, and bands of color often appear.
The color bands are generally distributed in parallel and sometimes intersect at a certain angle; some have color blocks, mostly irregular geometric shapes, and a few are irregular lumps and flocs, which will fade when heated or exposed to sunlight.
Amethyst from Brazil is darker in color and of high quality; amethyst from Africa and other places has a blue tone; amethyst from Henan and other places in China is lighter in color, with a subtle brown tone but high transparency.
Deep purple to reddish-purple amethysts is of the highest value because people prefer dark purple amethysts. After some amethysts are formed, they become citrine due to geothermal heat. And some light purple crystals are also processed into citrine.
Amethyst has pleochroism related to the depth of color. Light-colored amethyst has weak pleochroism and is almost invisible to the naked eye.
Amethyst has many kinds of inclusions, including growth fissures, mineral inclusions, and gas-liquid two-phase inclusions, and sometimes “zebra patterns” can be seen. A “zebra pattern” is a growth crack in amethyst with alternating dark and light stripes. Rainbow refraction often occurs if white moiré or feather inclusions in amethyst.
Most of the growth methods of amethyst are inward-growing geodes (amethyst caves), while the out-growing crystal family is rare, and the most crystal family on the market is the white crystal family.
Amethyst is usually made into rings and carvings. The high-quality amethyst is processed into facets and made into jewelry, which is very beautiful. Slightly smaller amethysts are ground plain or beaded, inlaid or perforated to form beads such as necklaces.

What is Amethyst Used for?

Amethyst is the noblest and most beautiful member of the crystal family, also known as feng shui stone. The Japanese call amethyst an energy stone. The color of amethyst is purple because it is oxidized due to the infiltration of trace Fe (iron) elements.
Iron is the main cause of its bright purple color. At the same time, light-colored amethyst is mostly heated (mostly artificially heated, and a small amount of citrine formed by natural heating over thousands of years) is processed into citrine.
The energy of amethyst is very high, and its energy is relative to the brow chakra in the seven-chakra system. Therefore, amethyst can develop wisdom, help thinking, concentrate, increase memory, and increase the vitality of brain cells and the operation of brain intelligence for students and office workers who need to use their brains for a long time. Amethyst is an indispensable crystal gem weapon.
Amethyst is also a social stone, but the social relationship here refers not to the popularity brought by pink crystal but to the attraction of the introverted heart. Often wearing it helps to meet noble people, increase wit, and improve Intuition and shallow consciousness.
Amethyst also represents the “guardian stone of love” in Western countries, which can empower couples with deep love, purity, honesty, and courage. In Greek teachings, amethyst is the symbol of the god of fertility- Bacchus, the mysterious “sexual vitality.” exert a lot of power.