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Ametrine Crystal Guide:

What is Ametrine?

The formation process of ametrine is extraordinary, and the yield is scarce. It is formed by amethyst in a naturally heated state between amethyst and citrine, and its energy is also very special.
The formation of amethyst is a gift from God, and it is a remarkable phenomenon in geology. The formation of amethyst requires the formation of amethyst first and the formation of geothermal or volcanic activity in the event of crustal activity so that the amethyst is heated and changes its color.
Generally speaking, amethyst can be turned into citrine when the temperature reaches 400 °C. Amethyst needs to stop heating during this process and stay in the stage of purple and yellow to become amethyst.

What is the energy of Ametrine?

Ametrine is a healing stone of the trigonal crystal system, which can help us break through our own limitations and change the original low and negative frequencies. It maintains the integrity of the magnetic energy field and even relieves physical pain through its continuous and high-frequency energy.
Ametrine can maintain two colors because the iron in it changes when heated, and the crystal also changes from purple to yellow. Transforming iron activity boosts our blood flow and blocks negative energies, making us more energized.

How to use Ametrine?

Ordinary users can wear amethyst to obtain higher-level information so that the body energy and the magnetic energy field are resonated into one, and they feel harmonious.
Amethyst can help people enter a state of deep tranquility and accept who they are.

When to use Ametrine?
  • Improve intuition and observation;
  • Wish life change;