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Raw Kyanite

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Kyanite Chip

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kyanite rod

Raw Kyanite

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Kyanite Chip

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Rough Kyanite

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Kyanite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw kyanite, polished kyanite,kyanite tower points wands bulk wholesale. kyanite chips.

Raw Kyanite

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Wholeslae Kyanite Crystal Guide:

What is Kyanite?

Ores such as kyanite, andalusite (empty spar) and sillimanite all belong to different forms of the same mineral. Due to its high-temperature resistance and non-corrosion properties, kyanite is one of the widely used fireproof materials added to various fireproof building materials.

Kyanite’s name comes from the Greek word “kyanos,” which means “blue.” Kyanite is also called “two-hard stone” because it is an ore formed by multiple layers of blue crystals. 

Because of its developed cleavage and easy fragmentation, kyanite is difficult to carve into ornaments. However, because of its beautiful color and texture, it is still loved by many collectors who are fascinated by blue minerals.


Al2[SiO4]O can contain Cr3+, Fe3+ and a small amount of Ca, Mg, F2+, Ti, etc.


It is a triclinic crystal system. The crystals are columnar and plate-like, and the aggregates are radial. The cleavage of {100} is complete, and the cleavage of {010} is incomplete, with {001} cleavage, and the angle between the two groups of cleavage of {100} and {010} is 101°∧79°.


Colorless or bluish tint in flakes. Weak pleochroism is seen. Protruding high. Np=1.710~1.713, Nm=1.720~1.722, Ng=1.727~1.729, Ng Np=Ng0.012~0.016. The highest interference color is mostly 1-level orange-red. Oblique extinction, positive ductility. Simple twinning or poly-lamellar twinning is common.


More stable, sometimes into muscovite. Occurring kyanite is a typical metamorphic mineral of argillaceous rock, mainly produced in schist and gneiss, and coexists with other minerals.


The difference from sand line stone is: kyanite has three groups of cleavage and cleavage that are nearly orthogonal to each other, with high protrusions, oblique extinction, and a positive sign of lightness. The difference from andalusite is that kyanite has higher protrusions, oblique extinction and positive ductility. The difference from pyroxene: on the {001} cut plane, pyroxene is symmetrical extinction, while kyanite is parallel extinction along the {100} cleavage pattern.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Kyanite?

Kyanite belongs to the monoclinic crystal system, which absorbs the negative energy of the human body and brings its own positive frequencies. Kyanite is also believed to have the power to cleanse energy or accelerate energy metabolism because of its crystalline texture.
We will inevitably say hurtful words in our daily expression because of temporary emotions or prejudices.
When we want to say important things to important people, we have no way to get the other party’s approval or even not Be respected. These situations may cast a shadow on our ability to express communication and thus form a barrier and finally may even fail to communicate smoothly and lose the opportunity to understand others.
Kyanite can heal all the obstacles and difficulties encountered in communication and expression. It is good at clearing the negative inertial patterns fixed in our consciousness or thoughts, allowing us to change how we think and speak.

How to Use Kyanite?

For people who are often speechless or unable to communicate with others smoothly, kyanite can bring very high-frequency vibrational energy, which can purify the blocked energy and enable smooth communication.
Kyanite can also help us change our old thinking, adjust the life path we think we have set, and insist that everything we do is following free will.
Because of the cleavage of kyanite, there is no way to make bracelets or jewelry that is too small. It is recommended to wear kyanite necklaces. If you need to speak publicly or attend an important appointment, kyanite can bring good and smooth communication energy.

When to Use Kyanite?
  • Requires good communication skills
  • when setbacks
  • Need to face important meetings or occasions
  • When you can’t think calmly