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Blue lace agate beads

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Blue lace agate Chip

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Blue Lace Agate Beads

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Blue Lace Agate Chip

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blue lace agate crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw blue lace agate, polished blue lace agate, blue lace agate tower points wands bulk wholesale. blue lace agate chips.

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Blue Lace Agate point

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Wholesale Blue Agate Crystal Guide:

What is Blue Lace Agate?

Blue lace agate is a member of the quartz family and is a cryptocrystalline type. It is often used in Japan to make amulets or feng shui props.

Blue lace agate has blue and white lines, and it gets its name because the white part looks like lace.

At present, there are few mining areas discovered, and the most famous producing areas are in Brazil and Africa. It was considered a sacred stone in ancient times and was mass-produced into amulets. Until now, artifacts or amulets made of agate can still be seen, which are said to stabilize people’s hearts.

Color: blue, white

Hardness: 7

Cleavage: no cleavage

Chemical formula: SiO2

Crystal system: Trigonal latent crystal

Main Origin: Brazil, Madagascar, India

What Is The Healing Energy Of Blue Lace Agate Stone?

Cryptocrystalline blue lace agate has the energy to heal wounds and restore calm, which can help us deal with physical and mental trauma, especially when physical trauma occurs;

in addition to general medical treatment, blue onyx (or other cryptocrystalline Quality Healing Stone) accelerates wound healing.  

Blue lace agate also brings out our tender and sensual side, allowing us to remain calm even in the face of challenges.

What Is The Effect Of Blue Lace Agate?

Blue lace agate is a good therapeutic and auxiliary crystal. Its energy is thick, stable and soft, bringing people a feeling of tranquillity. Crystal therapy believes that it corresponds to the throat chakra, which can help people experience higher energy levels, express thoughts and feelings more freely, eliminate anger, inhibit infection and inflammation and reduce fever.

Psychologically, blue lace agate is said to relieve depression caused by fear of criticism or rejection. This kind of depression is common in parent-child relationships. Once the patient is ashamed of self-expression and inhibits self-emotion, it will cause the throat chakra to be blocked, and the heart will feel stagnant from time to time.

Blue agate can free people from the shackles of old patterns, relax, become more sensitive and meticulous, and at the same time begin to dare to try new expressions.

Blue lace agate has a remarkable curative effect on the throat. It can eliminate obstacles to self-expression, relieve diseases of the neck and shoulders, and help treat diseases such as thyroid dysfunction and throat and lymph gland infections.

It also reduces fever, eliminates disorders of the nervous system, and is effective in treating arthritis, fractures, hydrocephalus, the skeletal system, capillaries, and glands. Blue onyx can also be used to treat fluid disorders in the brain, for example, or to enhance the effects of sonotherapy – a concentration of sound waves and directing them to the appropriate area.

How To Use Blue Lace Agate Stone?

Blue lace agate can help us repair the trauma of the throat and return it to the most relaxed state; it can also help people adjust their energy and find the best balance in interpersonal relationships.

For those who wish to have a good friendship, blue lace agate can also bring harmony to each other, reduce misunderstandings and build deep trust. Wearing blue lace agate can make the average user feel calm and achieve the sea’s soothing effect.

When To Use Blue Lace Agate Stone?
  • Achieve balanced relationships
  • Avoid dangerous possibilities
  • Protect friendship
  • Stay relaxed in a group
  • Post-operative care