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blue celestite stone
Blue Celestite Stone
Raw blue celestite
Raw Blue Celestite
Raw blue celestite
Raw Blue Celestite
blue celestite stone
Blue Celestite Stone
Raw blue celestite
Raw Blue Celestite
Raw blue celestite
Raw Blue Celestite

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blue celestite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw blue celestite, polished blue celestite,blue celestite tower points wands bulk wholesale. blue celestite chips.

Raw Blue Celestite

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blue celestite stone

Blue Celestite Stone Bulk

Raw blue celestite

Raw Blue Celestite Wholesale

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Wholesale Celestite Guide:

What is Celestite?

Celestite and anhydrite are often symbiotic together. Because of their fragile texture, perfect crystals are rarely seen and cannot be made into jewellery.

Most people will turn to buy angel stone contains strontium elements also can be made into jewellery.  Celestite with glass can show a pure and transparent sky blue, hence the name (Latin “coelestis” means sky).

In Europe, it is said to have the power to cleanse the soul and open the gates of heaven, bringing harmony and tranquillity.

Color: blue, white, colorless

Hardness: 3~3.5

Cleavage: complete cleavage

Crystal system: Orthorhombic system

Main Origin: Italy, Madagascar, Mexico, United States, France, United Kingdom, Australia, China

What Is The Healing Energy Of Celestite?

Celestine is a healing stone of the orthorhombic crystal system, which is entirely different from the energy form of angel stone. The crystal clear blue of lapis lazuli can help us put aside the distracting thoughts in our hearts.

For those who cannot concentrate or are constantly irritable and angry, lapis lazuli can help them calm down their inner tension and pain. A stabilizing force that allows us to move into higher frequencies.

What Is The Efficacy Of Celestite?

Legend has this high-vibration gemstone that can stimulate spiritual development, promote enlightenment, and help recall the contents of dreams. What’s more, it is believed that it can lead people into the spiritual realm of infinite tranquillity and contact with the kingdom of heaven – putting it on the brow chakra can connect with the energy of the universe.

Whether this statement is true or not, in the hearts of crystal fans, celestite is a gem with magical powers, which has the functions of healing the human aura, purifying the mind, revealing the truth, balancing the environment and bringing good luck.

Crystal stone theory holds that mild celestite has a calming function that cools fiery emotions, resulting in peace of mind, clarity of mind, and sharp thinking, which is conducive to analyzing complex situations.

Many business people wear celestites to resolve conflicts, maintain a harmonious atmosphere, open space for peaceful negotiation, and improve interpersonal relationships in complex blue geodes.

In the eyes of artists, celestite will bring them creativity, encourage them to experience new things, and can free people from melancholy moods and promote interpersonal communication.

Placing celestite on the brow chakra is believed to connect cosmic energies, bring a vision of peaceful coexistence with all things, and maintain overall harmony.

According to crystallologists, celestite is a healing stone for the mind and body.

Psychologically, it brings people out of pain and into love.

Physiologically, its curative effects include: treating diseases of the eyes and ears, removing toxins, regulating cellular functions and relaxing tense muscles; when used with blue crystals, it opens the throat chakra and treats throat diseases.

How to Use Celestite?

The pure blue color of Celestite can enhance the sensitivity of the senses, making us feel focused and quiet, no longer bothered by external influences. The power of Celestite can also allow us to find and deeply understand our potential;

No longer doubt that People can put Celestite in the study or bedroom, bring the divine light into daily life, relax and calm the heart, and relax. Boost the overall energy of your home environment. This calm and rational energy is beneficial to candidates or students who need tranquillity and can help improve personal power.

When to Use Celestite?
  • Lonely thinking time
  • When calm and rational
  • Hope to cleanse the soul