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Aquamarine Stone

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Aquamarine Beads

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Aquamarine Moon

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aquamarine crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw aquamarine, polished aquamarine,aquamarine tower points wands bulk wholesale. aquamarine chips..

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Aquamarine Crystal Guide:

What is Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is a beryl gemstone that is sky blue to sea blue. The English name comes from the Latin SeaWater (sea water), which is named because of its color, resembling blue sea water. 

Ancient people endowed aquamarine with the properties of water. They considered it to be the essence of seawater, so navigators used it to pray to the sea god to bless the safety of navigation and called it “the stone of the god of good fortune.”

Far less precious than emeralds, aquamarines have long been loved for their beautiful and pure color.

Aquamarine is an iron-bearing beryl gemstone that is colored by ferrous ions. The world’s high-quality aquamarines are mainly produced in Brazil, accounting for more than 70% of production. Russia’s Ural Mountains are also an important source of high-quality aquamarine.

Chemical components

Beryllium Aluminum Silicate


Hexagonal crystal system, the cylindrical surface develops longitudinal lines, and sometimes the crystal develops a hexagonal biconical surface.

Optical properties

Color – different shades of blue

A small amount of glossy vitreous luster, mostly transparent, can be translucent to opaque.

Refractive index—1.577~1.583

Mechanical properties

Cleavage – has a set of incomplete cleavage

Hardness – Mohs 7.5~8


Internal and external microscopic features

The interior of aquamarine often contains liquid phase, gas-liquid two-phase, or gas-liquid-solid three-phase inclusions, sometimes in the form of intermittent rain threads.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Aquamarine?

Western countries set aquamarine as the birthstone for March, symbolizing composure, bravery, happiness, and longevity.
If you feel upset, you can stick aquamarine on your forehead to meditate. It is said that aquamarine has the energy to stabilize the mind and calm the mind.

How to Identify Aquamarine?

Blue topaz (mainly changed color topaz), blue zircon, crystal, glass, and artificial spinel are mainly used to imitate aquamarine on the market. The specific gravity of aquamarine is smaller than that of topaz, and it feels lighter in hand.
Most aquamarines have a light yellow-green color, but blue topaz is very blue; as for blue zircon, its specific gravity is larger than aquamarine. The gloss is obvious, and it is a double shadow. In short, the color of blue and green light hand feel is the key to identification.

How To Use Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is different from other crystal jade jewelry. If you wear aquamarine bracelets, don’t wear Buddha, Bodhisattva, etc.;
in addition, the cool color of aquamarine is negative, so you should avoid animal fur at home. Every kind of jade has its own spirituality. Many things in real life cannot be explained by science. Respecting the utility of jade itself will make it more comfortable to wear.

What Are The Factors Affect The Value Of Aquamarine?

Like other gemstones, aquamarine value is mainly affected by color, transparency, and volume, of which color and size are crucial factors. Dark blue gems are of high value, while most natural aquamarines are lighter in color, the most common being a greenish blue in shades ranging from light to medium-dark. In short, aquamarine with deep color, large volume, and no flaws is the best.