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Sodalite Chip
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sodalite chip
Sodalite Chip
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Sodalite Wand
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Sodalite Stone

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Sodalite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw sodalite, polished sodalite,sodalite tower points wands bulk wholesale. sodalite chips.

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Wholesale Sodalite Crystal Guide:

What is Sodalite?

Sodalite means sodium-containing minerals. Because of its blue appearance, it is commonly known as “blue stone” in business. In addition to jade, gem-grade sodalite single crystals can also be seen on the market.

Basic properties 

1. Mineral composition and chemical composition The main mineral is sodalite, which is a complex sodium-aluminosilicate mineral containing chlorine. Its crystal chemical formula is Nas[ASiO4]Cl. A small amount of Na (≤1%) can replace K and Ca 

Crystallography features

an equiaxed crystal system, rhombic dodecahedral habit, and rare crystals. Mostly dense block aggregates.

Optical properties

 1) Color: blue, dark blue-purple blue, purple, light green, light yellow, white, pink; aggregates have veins and plaques of white or pink or yellow shades.

2) Gloss and transparency: vitreous luster, the fracture is oily luster; crystal is transparent and translucent, and the aggregate is mostly translucent and slightly transparent.

3) Optical characteristics and pleochroism: homogeneous body, no pleochroism.

4) Refractive index and dispersion: The refractive index is 1.483 (±0.004), and the dispersion value is 0.018.

5) Charles filter inspection: Sodalite turns red under the Charles filter.

It is blue under external fluorescent light, orange-red when exposed to long-wave UV fluorescent light, but fades quickly in sunlight.

Hackmanite is a subspecies of sulfur in sodalite. The ideal molecular formula is Na[ASiO4] (Cl, S), and part of the chlorine in the composition is replaced by sulfur. 

Usually translucent to opaque, it is a variety of sodalite with color-changing fluorescence, and gemologists usually distinguish it according to color-changing fluorescence. 

Usually, violet sodalite appears pink to purple under ultraviolet light, and the color will fade under sunlight and artificial white light. This change process is reversible. It will destroy its color when violet sodalite is heated to above 500 ℃. UV fluorescence sensitivity, making its fluorescence color lighter.

The mechanical properties

They have moderate cleavage in the {110} direction; the fracture is not flat; the density is 2.25 (+0.15, -0.10) g/cm; the Mohs hardness is 5~6. Inclusions, gas-liquid inclusions, and cloud-like inclusions. Sodalite aggregates are similar in appearance to lapis lazuli but slightly more transparent, often containing white mineral plaques or textures, and pyrite is rare.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Sodalite?

It is believed that sodalite can combine intuition and reason, opening people’s spiritual perception, and bringing information from the higher spirituality to the physical plane. It can also stimulate people’s pineal gland and brow chakra, making people think deeply. Thinking together with sodalite can make your mind more active and help you understand your current situation more deeply. 

In a sense, Fontaine can motivate people to pursue the truth so that they can keep their true selves and insist on their beliefs while moving towards idealism.

Sodalite can eliminate electromagnetic pollution. Putting it on the computer can prevent the human body from being harmed by computer radiation. It is the ideal crystal for those suffering from “sick building syndrome” or those allergic to electromagnetic smog.

People who believe in the power of crystals also believe that sodalite can bring harmony and a strong belief in unity to accomplish a rough goal stone, promote mutual trust and friendship among group members, and encourage each other to help each other it is especially helpful for groups Work.

In addition, sodalite greatly influences the human spirit: it can clear up mental confusion and intellectual disability, encourage rational thinking, help people maintain objectivity, seek truth from facts, and promote intuitive perception and the ability to express emotions. 

It can also calm people’s minds, help absorb new knowledge, eliminate old spiritual constraints and immutable thinking patterns, and create enough space for new ideas to be put into practice.


sodalite can promote emotional harmony and calm panic. It can transform defensive or overly sensitive personalities, eliminate fear, panic and guilt, and encourage self-expression: enhance self-esteem, self-affirmation and self-trust. Sodalite also reveals hidden qualities that make it unconditionally acceptable.

What Is The Efficacy Of Sodalite?

Sodalite can balance metabolism so that the body will not be deficient in calcium: at the same time, it can also clean the lymphatic system and organs, enhance the function of the immune system, resist radiation and insomnia, also treat throat and vocal cord problems, reverse hoarseness, and digestive hormones Disorder and other symptoms. Finally, it reduces fever, lowers blood pressure, and improves the body’s absorption of fluids.

What Are The Origins Of Sodalite?

Sodalite is usually a translucent-opaque crystalline cluster, generally produced in sodium-rich and silicon-poor alkaline intrusion rocks (such as nepheline syenite and nepheline syenite pegmatite).
Symbiotic minerals include cannonite, garnet, fluorite, nepheline, feldspar, etc.; they can also be produced in phonite and related silicon-poor volcanic rocks or found in metamorphic calcareous rocks in contact with alkaline magmatic rocks middle.
High-quality blue-dark blue sodalite is mainly produced in Litchfield, Maine, USA, and Ontario, Canada. Blue translucent-transparent sodalite from Ohopoho, Namibia. In addition, sodalite is produced in Brazil, Russia, Italy, Norway, Germany and Bolivia.
Many gem-grade sodalite (purple sodalite) are produced in the Badakhshan province of Afghanistan and the Mogok region of Myanmar, some of which are uncommonly transparent sodalite. The sodalite in the two places has different colors and transparency. , UV fluorescence or phosphorescence, color-changing effects and UV-Vis-NIR spectroscopy. Burmese sodalite has more inclusions and shows weaker fluorescence and phosphorescence than Afghan sodalite. Since 2007, about 2000ct sodalite of various sizes have been cut into the ring and faceted gemstones every month in Myanmar. Sodalite is mainly symbiotic with dolomite and alkaline amphibole.

What Crystal Stones Are Similar To Sodalite?

1) Lapis lazuli
Sodalite common contains white mineral plaques or textures and rarely contains pyrite;
lapis lazuli has a density of about 2.75g/cm, which is higher than sodalite; sodalite usually has a coarser structure, while lapis lazuli has a finer structure.
2) Silicon Malachite
Mostly green, light blue-green, cryptocrystalline aggregates. The hardness is 2 to 4, which is significantly lower than that of sodalite.