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citrine stone

Citrine Stone

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citrine stone
Citrine Stone
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Citrine crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw citrine, polished citrine,citrine tower points wands bulk wholesale,citrine chips.

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Wholesale Citrine Crystal Guide:

What is Citrine?

The formation of citrine is due to the influence of natural amethysts such as volcanoes and geothermal factors, which contain trace elements of iron or chromium and are present yellow.

Depending on the number of elements contained, different yellows such as light yellow, positive yellow, orange, golden, etc. will appear, of which orange is the top grade.

Citrine is the world’s gem-quality crystal, known as “Crystal Topaz.” Citrine is an extremely rare gem due to its excellent brightness and chroma.

Currently, many citrines on the market are made of amethyst after heating and fading. The color is lighter, there is no glamorous feeling, and the tone appears slightly thin.

Although the essence of amethyst and citrine are both quartz, amethyst is not as valuable as citrine, and light-colored citrine is not as precious as citrine.

However, some merchants also use irradiation to deepen the color of the lighter citrine, making the gem look more gorgeous.

This kind of citrine mixed with water has a large quantity and a relatively low price. In addition, the color of citrine will never change at room temperature, so the public generally accepts it.

Origin of Citrine

Citrine takes its name from the French word “Citron” for lemon, as many citrines have a juicy lemon-like color. Citrine is a transparent crystal that includes shades of yellow, gold to brown-orange.

Vibrant and affordable citrine is suitable for almost any jewelry style and is especially well-matched with luxurious gold. In ancient times, people carried citrine to ward off poisonous snakes and evil thoughts.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Citrine?

Natural pure citrine has great energy. The vibration frequency of energy can affect the solar plexus of human beings, so citrine is regarded as the representative of wealth; it can bring luck to the person who wears it. 

Many businessmen like to put citrine on their financial position at home or in the office, thinking it can greatly enhance their fortune.

It is said that citrine also has healing properties. Because the vibration frequency of citrine energy can affect the solar plexus, it is very beneficial to enhance personal self-confidence and improve gastrointestinal function. People with indigestion or an unbalanced diet often wear citrine,, which greatly improvestheir condition.

 In addition, citrine has curative effects on the membranes, endocrine, and nervous system and is even more indispensable for diabetics.

 It also treats swelling and stomach cramps. Citrine is a symbol of wisdom and joy. It can bring self-confidence and strength to people, reduce fear, and eliminate guilt. Therefore, it has a good calming and stabilizing effect on neurotic people.

Application of Citrine in Feng Shui

Feng Shui experts explained that citrine corresponds to material and wealth and has the strongest energy for condensing unexpected wealth. It indicates that it will bring partial fortune. Therefore, it will affect material life and wealth and create unexpected wealth. 

It is an indispensable treasure for service business companies and merchants, and it has the meaning of bringing wealth.


Put the citrine in the financial position of the house, which means the wealth is brought. The first use should be at the time of the dragon’s head of day, from 7:00 to 9:00 in the morning.