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malachite stone

Malachite Stone

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Malachite Beads

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Malachite Chips

malachite stone

Malachite Stone

malachite beads

Malachite Beads

malachite chip beads

Malachite Chips

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Malachite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw malachite, polished malachite,malachite tower points wands bulk wholesale, malachite chips.

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Wholesale Malachite Crystal Guide:

What is Malachite?

Malachite (Malachite) is rough, mostly stalactite or grape-like, dark green and black stripes, and the crystal surface is vitreous to diamond luster. Its texture is quite beautiful. The quality of the malachite is based on the principle of less texture. 

Since malachite is a stone transformed from copper, it will appear similar to the patina on the surface of copper products. It has been used as a green pigment since ancient times. It is said that the ancient Egyptian queen Cleopatra used to paint eye shadow using malachite powder from Cyprus.

Malachite is very sensitive to heat, acids and ammonia, and dilute hydrochloric acid can dissolve it. 

In ancient Egypt, ancient Greece and ancient Rome, malachite was mostly used to make jewelry and amulets to exorcise evil spirits, and it was also used to make eye shadow cosmetics. It is also the main origin of important raw materials for dyes: Namibia, the United States, Mexico, Zambia, Australia and Russia, etc.

Properties of Malachite

Color: green and textured

Chemical composition: Cu2CO3(OH)2

Crystalline system: Monoclinic

Cleavage: two-way cleavage

Transparency: Opaque

Hardness: 3.25~4.00

Relative density: 3.95

Refractive index: 1.655~1.909

What Is The Healing Energy Of Malachite?


Malachite is a “stone of transformation” that encourages adventure and reform and helps new life. It is said to ruthlessly reveal what hinders people’s spirituality, revealing deep feelings, breaking superfluous restraint and outdated patterns, and leading people to take responsibility for their actions, thoughts and emotions. On the other hand, when people are troubled by certain things and cannot extricate themselves, it can encourage people to break through the prohibition of copper and express their emotions bravely. 

From this perspective, it has a role in overcoming shyness, improving interpersonal relationships and enhancing friendships. Nice effect. Lead people to put themselves in the shoes of others. 

In addition, it also has a certain curative effect on sexual and psychological disorders. When the unpleasant sexual experience in the past leaves trauma in people’s hearts, malachite will go straight to the root of the problem and heal the trauma one by one. Crystal players believe that life will be more passionate under malachite’s influence.

Intellectually, it has a therapeutic effect on dyslexia – it enhances the ability to absorb and process information, helps get to the heart of the problem, improves intuition and insight, and makes people better at observing and understanding complex concepts.


Placing malachite on the solar plexus promotes emotional healing, helping people expel unpleasant experiences and express repressed feelings. Under its influence, people will be full of passion and temperament change.

In addition, this gem can dig into the inner world, promote dreams, and make good memories of the past come to mind, but it needs the assistance of other gems to work better.

However, We should note that malachite is powerful and must be used with caution, preferably under the guidance of a senior crystal healer. Before and after use, be sure to degauss it by placing it in a crystal family in the sun (do not use salt, or it will damage the surface). 

Moreover, it is toxic and needs to be polished before use, and be careful not to inhale the malachite powder. When making gemstone lamps, It should also take certain precautions. 

Use an indirect method: put the rough stone in a glass container and then put it in water, and do not let it come into contact with water.


Malachite is a healing gemstone with a wide range of effects and is particularly effective in relieving various types of pain. 

Conditions it is said to treat include asthma, epilepsy, fractures, arthritis, swollen joints, tumors, motion sickness, vertigo, high blood pressure, and diseases of the optic nerve, pancreas, spleen, and thyroid. 

It is also good for separation, so it is called a midwifery gem, and it is especially beneficial to women’s sexual organs and can treat venereal diseases.

In addition, malachite can also be used for:

  • adjust DNA and cell structure;
  • improve the function of the human immune system;
  • strengthen the liver, remove toxins;
  • relieve tissue acidification. 

Wearing this gem on your wrist can cure diabetes.

Position Malachite is worn on the left hand or on the brow chakra. Or placed according to the needs of treatment.

Caution: Malachite may cause a slight heart attack, which should be discontinued immediately and replaced with pink crystal or cypress.

How to Use Malachite?

People can wear malachite necklaces to deal with the deep emotional trauma in their hearts; they can also use the energy of malachite to make themselves feel alive in love without any fear and worry.

Malachite can be used on those who are grieving or bereaved, pets, married women or women who are very insecure about themselves, helping them rediscover their inner beauty and become more confident.

Malachite can also relieve pain in painful parts of the body, but the ore often becomes pale quickly. When malachite is entirely dull and tarnished, it means that its energy has been exhausted. It is recommended to bury it back in the forest at this time. Let it return to the embrace of Mother Earth.

When to Use Malachite?
  • Long-term feeling of inner pressure that cannot be relieved
  • Sadness is beyond words
  • Feeling resentful inside, unable to calm down
  • Want to expel toxins faster
  • Red, swollen and sore areas of the body
  • Staying up late for a long time is not normal, resulting in weak liver function
What Is The Role Of Malachite In Feng Shui?

Malachite is a very beautiful green gemstone. Its green is the most positive and intense green. Although it does not have the luster of jewelry, it has a unique and elegant temperament. It has the meaning of “wife happiness.”
Malachite has a bright azure-green color and is one of the most attractive decorative materials among minerals. People like to use it to make boxes to preserve precious jewelry.
In ancient times, the Egyptians used the mined malachite as a talisman for children to drive away evil spirits.
In Germany, there is a saying that “people who wear malachite can avoid death.” If the sun is carved on malachite, this gemstone has the power to free one from evil spirits and hidden dangers.
In addition, malachite can also nourish the liver, which can help people calm down and have a clearer and more accurate judgment of things. It is also the lucky stone for the birth of October in the Gregorian calendar.