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garnet chip

Garnet Chip

garnet stone
Garnet stone
Garnet Beads
Garnet Beads
Garnet Chip

Garnet Chip

Garnet stone
Garnet stone
Garnet Beads
Garnet Beads

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Garnet crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw garnet, polished garnet,garnet tower points wands bulk wholesale,arnet chips.

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Garnet Crystal Guide:

What is Garnet?

Garnet is an island-shaped silicate mineral, a general term for a family of minerals. It is named after its body shape is like a pomegranate seed. It is one of the most widely used gemstones in jewelry and is known as the birthstone of January.

Due to the similar internal crystal structure, garnets belong to the same equiaxed crystal system. Usually, they have a perfect crystal shape: Common rhombic dodecahedron, 

  • Tetragonal trioctahedral
  • The aggregate of the rhombic dodecahedron and
  • Tetragonal trioctahedral
  • Glass to adamantine luster
  • Transparent to translucent or opaque. 

It is single refraction, and the refractive index varies with different varieties. The dispersion ranges from 0.024 to 0.05. A homogeneous body expected abnormal extinction. The Mohs hardness is 7-8, and the relative density varies with different varieties.

Garnets are a large family of gemstones. According to the change of chemical composition, it can be divided into different varieties, each of which has an independent name, its physical and optical properties are also other, and its inclusions have their own characteristics. There are mainly three series of colors: red, orange and green.

What is the energy of Garnet?

The equiaxed garnet can form a perfect dodecahedron and emit a calm and restrained luster after grinding. This ore can re-gather loose energy or weak energy and gather energy.
Garnet has been thought to help women solve gynecological problems since ancient times, especially the “weakness of qi and blood” that traditional Chinese medicine often calls. When the weak energy of the body is aggregated, the biomagnetic energy field will also become stronger, and it will naturally resist the damage of external negative energy.
Therefore, in the Middle East and Europe, garnet is believed to have the effect of exorcising evil spirits and purifying energy, which is very suitable for people will do a lot of hard work every day.
The common red garnet has iron and magnesium, which are important trace elements the body needs.
When worn on the body, it can be transmitted through energy resonance, restarting the energy needed for life and making people feel full of vitality.
Not only when returning to work or in daily life make them feel full of energy, but even if people encounter setbacks, they will gradually feel on the right track. When people are disappointed and sad, it can gradually gather the energy of alienation.
When using garnet, you will feel that the energy gradually settles down, and people also feel a sense of direction, especially when they feel dull and inactive. Sometimes using garnet can make you feel tired because of the obvious energy. At this time, you should listen to your body’s signals, let yourself rest well, and you will feel more refreshed when you sleep.

How to use Garnet?

When Qi and blood are weak or menstruation is irregular, it can place garnet in the abdomen to activate energy. If you have such troubles for a long time, it is recommended to string the garnet into a long chain and tie it around the waist for energy maintenance at a long time.

If you often feel that energy is stagnant or it is difficult to wake up in the morning, you can use garnet with black tourmaline, or make garnet into an anklet and tie it on your feet when you sleep, which will help to clear energy and sleep.

  • Red can strengthen vitality and physical energy, bring self-confidence, and help relieve Qi’s weak state and blood.
  • Orange helps develop personal values and self-affirmation.
  • Green helps to expand one’s abilities and has strong willpower.
When to use Garnet?
  • During an interview or exam
  • Desire to increase qi and blood energy, feel sluggish or excessive
  • when tired
  • short-term depression
  • when fighting disease
  • When the body is inexplicably sore
  • When the heart or blood-related energy needs to be maintained