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rhodonite stone
Rhodonite Stone
rhodonite stone
Rhodonite Stone
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Rhodonite Point
rhodonite stone
Rhodonite Stone
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rhodonite point
Rhodonite Point

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Rhodonite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw rhodonite, polished rhodonite, rhodonite tower points wands bulk wholesale, rhodonite chips.

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rhodonite point

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Wholesale Rhodonite Crystal Guide:

What is Rhodonite?

Rhodonite is also known as “rose stone”. The name of the stone is because pink is its primary color, or occasionally purple and tan, mostly accompanied by black manganese oxide. Vein-like texture formed by inclusions.

Rhodonite rare transparent crystals, mostly block. Because of its beautiful color and firm texture, it is often used to carve into ornaments or just apply necessary polishing on the surface to reveal a whole abstract pattern.

Although it is not as popular as other bright single crystal gemstones, it has a splendid past worth mentioning, and the engraved items of rhodonite were once one of the most popular gifts for Russian tsarist weddings.

Like most other pink gemstones, it is believed to have the power to calm the nerves, relax the mind, bring positive energy and love, and it was even considered a “healing gem”.

The U.S. state of Massachusetts has been designated as the state stone. Rhodonite has many origins, including Brazil, Australia, Russia, the United States and Mexico.

The rhodonite from Hualien, Taiwan, is considered to be the best and most beautiful.

What is Story of Rhodonite?

Since ancient times, people have believed that rose stone has powerful and mysterious powers to remove spirits, remove curses and avoid the approach of demons.
For the early locals in the United States, rose stones and turquoise were juxtaposed, and they were indispensable holy stones in exorcism and religious ceremonies. These gems, believed to be able to awaken the power of the gods, may resonate with the earth’s and the universe’s huge energy!

What Is The Healing Energy Of Rhodonite?

Rhodonite is believed to be an emotionally coordinated gemstone that nourishes love, fosters brotherhood, and helps both parties reach an agreement.

In addition, it can develop, purify, activate the heart and heart chakra, stabilize energy, balance yin and yang, and help tap more potential.

According to one theory, rhodonite can also promote mantra-based thoughts of loneliness.

Rhodonite is traditionally believed to be an effective “first aid gem” that heals shock and panic caused by emotional upheaval and imparts supportive power to the soul. This characteristic allows people to remain calm in times of danger or upset, build confidence and eliminate confusion.

According to Crystal fans, whenever rhodonite can remove emotional trauma from the past, reverse painful emotions (such as increased hatred and anger), and restore peace of mind after long-term ordeal.

Not only that, but it also makes people realize that masochism is a manifestation of irresponsibility for life, and revenge is equivalent to self-destruction, thus effectively preventing people from violence against each other or themselves for emotional problems.

Rhodonite is believed to be best at dealing with emotional self-destructiveness and over-dependence on others or revenge tendencies. It can also be used in past life therapy to treat psychological trauma caused by betrayal and abandonment.

In addition, some people like to attribute the cause of their relationship failure to the other party, and rhodonite is said to enhance selfless love and make both parties considerate.

The gem-level rhodonite is more precious and has the functions of promoting the pineal gland, enhancing intuition, adjusting the chakras, clearing blockages, and smoothing the energy of the chakras.

Its soft pink glow is especially helpful for emotional healing.

Rhodonite is an excellent healer, best at dealing with insect bites and scars. It benefits the bones and auditory organs, especially to adjust the hearing to a good state.

In addition, rhodonite can treat emphysema, arthritis, gastric ulcers, multiple sclerosis and autoimmune diseases.

For women, it helps improve fertility. Gemstones also can be used as a first aid medicine for shock and trauma.