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raw howlite
Raw Howlite
howlite wand
Howlite Wand
howlite beads
Howlite Beads
Raw Howlite
Raw Howlite
Howlite Wand
Howlite Wand
Howlite Beads
Howlite Beads

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Raw Howlite

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Howlite Wand

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Raw Howlite

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Wholesale Howlite Crystal Guide:

What is Howlite?

Howlite, also known as calcite, is a water-based borosilicate mineral (transition salt mineral between silicate and borate) with the chemical formula Ca2B5SiO9(OH)5; Monoclinic, the crystal form is scale-like and plate-like. Often showed nodular, massive aggregate output. As jade, tobermorite is its main mineral component. It is often dyed green, posing as turquoise.

Basic properties of Howlite

1) Mohs hardness: 3 to 4.

2) Density: 2.45~2.58g/cm

3) Optical properties: heterogeneous mineral aggregates.

4) Refractive index: 1.586~1.605; point measurement is usually 1.59.

5) Luster: Glass luster.

6) Color: white, off-white, often with dark gray and black fine mesh.

7) Transparency: slightly transparent, opaque.

8) Chemical properties: insoluble in hydrochloric acid.