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tiger eye stone

Tiger Eye Stone

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Tiger Eye Beads

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Tiger Eye Wand

tiger eye stone

Tiger Eye Stone

tiger eye beads

Tiger Eye Beads

tiger eye wand

Tiger Eye Wand

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Tiger eye crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw tiger eye, polished tiger eye,tiger eye tower points wands bulk wholesale. tiger eye chips.

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Wholesale Tiger Eye Crystal Guide:

What is Tiger Eye Stone?

Tiger’s eye is formed by the infiltration of crocidolite into quartz, and crocidolite is a variation of blue amphibole.

When the blue asbestos interacts with the iron element, it will form a yellow luster, which becomes the tiger’s eye stone we generally see. However, there are also mutated blue tiger eye stones, also known as “Hawkseye”.

If it contains a lot of iron oxide, it will turn red and become red tiger’s eye stone, which many gem collectors love.

Tiger’s eye stone will form brown and black stripes due to the infiltration of bluestone wool, giving off a cat’s eye-like appearance. The light is still quite different from the real gold-green opal.

In India, the tiger’s eye stone, like the power left by the great gods, can ward off evil and bring happiness.

In China, the tiger’s eye stone is regarded as a gem made of tiger fur, which can protect children’s health and safety and represent power and wealth. In Japan, it is often made into a hook-shaped jade, which has the magical power of destroying demons and exorcising evil spirits and is very popular among the public.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Tiger‘s Stone’?

Tiger’s Eye belongs to the sum of trigonal crystal system and monoclinic crystal system minerals. It has the function of trigonal crystal system to concentrate energy and clean up negative energy.

It also has the vibration power of monoclinic system to quickly replenish energy and bring gentle healing. People who feel lack of self-confidence or damaged self-esteem.

Tiger’s Eye brings self-confidence and back to the core of one’s life, healing those wounds that have been forgotten but continue to affect oneself.

For those who can’t get the energy to work or just want to escape from life, Tiger’s Eye clears blocked negative energy and helps rebuild it, replenishing any lack of strength.

Tiger’s eye stone contains sodium and iron, which can strengthen the body’s energy, improve work efficiency or exercise ability, and protect the stability of the energy field.

Sodium energizes energy, bringing balance and harmony; iron brings a strong magnetic energy field that keeps evil forces and negative influences away.

How To Use Tiger Eye Stone?

The yellow tiger’s eye can make people who are tired of life and work refresh their spirits and face the difficulties and dissatisfaction of life. Putting the tiger’s eye stone indoors can improve the fighting spirit to face the test.

Yellow brings powerful positive frequencies, clears negative energies and wounds, rebuilds energy, and creates a lively and healthy energy field.

Blue helps people see things as they really are and understand the inner thoughts of others.

Red helps the stable implementation of energy, completes the goal quickly, and enhances practical ability.

When To Use Tiger Eye Stone?
  • When courage and support are needed
  • When starting a new business
  • When dealing with negative relationships
  • When you need to increase your confidence and courage
What Is The Role Of Tiger Eye In Feng Shui?

Tiger’s eye stone is the holy stone of Indians. It has the vitality and energy like tiger’s eye, making it easier for people to make career breakthroughs, understand self-discipline, resolve pressure to achieve goals, and live a happy life.

The flowing tiger’s eye stone shines with wealth, has strong vitality, and has the effect of attracting wealth and warding off evil spirits.

Tiger’s eye stone can exert power like a king, make it easy to reach an agreement on events, make fame and fortune, ward off evil, attract wealth, and gather wealth. It can inspire courage, bring confidence, and make people brave;

it can be done consistently, and a person can stick to principles; it can also strengthen physical vitality and is suitable for people who are frail or just recovered.