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Blue calcite Stone

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Blue calcite ball

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Green calcite stone

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Raw Pink Calcite

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Yellow Calcite Ball

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yellow calcite ball

Yellow calcite ball Bulk

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Wholesale Calcite Crystal Guide:

What is Calcite?

The name calcite comes from the Latin word “calict”, which means “lime”. Its primary ingredient is calcium carbonate, also limestone’s raw material. When the limestone is decomposed by heat, it crystallizes again to become marble.

In addition, stalactites and stalagmites are also formed from calcite, with the same characteristics.

If they encounter hydrochloric acid, they will dissolve and react into carbon dioxide, which is relatively easy to identify.

Calcite cleavage is in three directions and is very easy to break.

If an external force hits it, it will crack into neatly cut squares like small matchboxes. The most common calcite on the market is like this in ancient Egypt.

People would use calcite as a building stone or make it into daily necessities.

 Calcite is also a medicinal material in China. It is called “cold water stone” in traditional Chinese medicine.

 After being ground into powder, it can clear heat, detoxify, and prevent osteoporosis.

In addition, calcite can also neutralize the odor molecules in the air and absorb the stench and is a famous “master of deodorization”.

Color: colorless, white, gray, yellow, green, pink, blue

Hardness: 3

Cleavage: complete cleavage

Chemical formula CaCO2

Crystal system: Trigonal system

Central Origin: Mexico, United States, United Kingdom, France, Spain, China, Iceland

What Is The Healing Energy Of Calcite?

Calcite is a trigonal crystal system which can clean up the negative energy and let the positive energy radiate out. In the process, it can relax the long-term fixed power and let the energy flow again.

Calcite can clear negative energy locks and bring out positive energy so that people can gradually understand they can live more diverse and relaxedly.

Calcite is rich in calcium, which gives us a sense of relaxation and soothing energy, relieves all pain and tension, and helps people return to a state of harmony.

How to Use Calcite?

People can bring calcite to any area of the body where they feel tightness or pain or areas of excessive exercise and muscle cramps, which can get a soothing effect.

It is usually placed on the abdomen to help its energies typically unfold, allowing the person to focus on the challenges of the job rather than comparing themselves to others.

In addition to being placed on the body, calcite can also be placed in the living room or bedroom to adjust energy and improve air quality and help promote emotional bonding among family members.

Colorless is relaxing and brings harmony and stability of energy. Yellow contains iron, which brings vitality and relieves over-stressed emotions.

Pink contains manganese, which recalibrates intimacy and brings the energy of inclusion.

Green can bring a sense of joy and re-establish comfortable relationships.

When to Use Calcite?
  • When you need to relax
  • Dealing with difficult relationships
  • Enhance multi-integration capabilities
  • bring more support
  • Transform stubborn thoughts