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desert rose
Desert Rose
desert rose
Desert Rose
desert rose
Desert Rose

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Desert Rose Stone Guide:

What is Desert Rose Stone?

Desert rose stone, also known as gobi stone, wind stone, or wind meteorite, is mainly produced in the vast Gobi and is a symbiotic crystal of calcite, quartz and anhydrite.
According to its growth form, it can be divided into monomeric, conjoined, branched and agglomerated. The monomer diameter is usually between 1.5 and 10 cm, and the joint is above 10 to 50 cm. The hardness is very low, only 2 degrees and the texture is easily damaged. It is one of the few flower-like minerals in natural stone and has high ornamental value.
The main component of desert rose stone is hydrous calcium sulfate and gypsum. If it intersects with multiple plate-like crystals, rose clusters form and appear in soils in desert areas.
Desert rose stone is mainly produced in desert areas of the United States, Mexico, Morocco and other countries. There are also traces in the desert areas of Alxa League, Inner Mongolia, and Minqin County, Gansu, China.

What Is The Reason For The Formation Of Desert Rose Stone?

Desert rose stone was born in the riverbed of Gu Ruoshui, mainly formed by the cooling and formation of volcanic magma after long-term natural changes. And erosion from the solar wind, or quartz sand, has been condensed for thousands of years.
Due to the special geological conditions, the flowers of the stone are formed in many ways. This is a dovetail twin-crystal composite crystal structure named after the rose-like rosette. It can know that the desert rose takes a long time to form.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Desert Rose Stone?

Desert Rose belongs to the monoclinic crystal system, which can help us let go of the strong negative emotions in our hearts and realize that all emotions arise from our own hearts, not others.
Desert rose contains a lot of calcium, which can make us feel relaxed, relieve the body’s tension, let go of the attachment in the heart, and return to the most natural and relaxed state.

How to Use Desert Rose Stone?

When we easily use anger or authority to control others and hope that others will only listen to us and cannot be truly tolerant of others.

Desert Rose can help us change, let us dispel anger and understand that negative emotions cannot solve the problem because negative emotions are the root problem.

Desert Rose helps communicate harmony and makes everyone feel at ease and safe. The energy of tension and competition gradually disappears, and the distance between people is shortened.

When to Use Desert Rose Stone?
  • Various public spaces
  • Excessive anger
  • A meeting or discussion is in progress
  • When you can’t calm yourself down