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apophyllite stone

Apophyllite Stone

apophyllite stone

Apophyllite stone

apophyllite stone

Apophyllite stone

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Apophyllite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw apophyllite, polished apophyllite,apophyllite tower points wands bulk wholesale. apophyllite chips.

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Apophyllite Crystal Guide:

What is Apophyllite?

The color of apophyllite crystal is colorless, white, green, yellow, and pink. It is a tetragonal crystal shape. The hardness is between 4.5 and 5; the specific gravity is 2.3-2.4. Its main is produced in India, Canada, the United States, Brazil, and other places.
Apophyllite contains potassium, calcium, fluorine, and hydroxyl silicate minerals. Produced in basalt, andesite voids, pegmatite granite, hydrothermal deposits, and contact metasomatism deposits.
Apophyllite can be divided into fluorine-containing, hydroxy-containing and sodium-containing Apophyllite.
Apophyllite generally refers to the solid solution of fluorine and hydroxy Apophyllite, and it is impossible to distinguish several kinds of Apophyllite from their appearance.
The crystals are tetragonal bipyramid, columnar, plate and block. The cylindrical surface has vertical lines, and the cleavage surface has pearl luster. There are more colorless and white fish eyes and yellow, green and pink fish eyes. The Apophyllite with high transparency can be used as a gemstone or ornamental decoration.

What is the energy of Apophyllite?

Apophyllite is a tetragonal crystal and can open energy channels, which can completely open the originally closed or blocked energy to form a continuously open energy circuit.
Therefore, ancient spiritual practitioners regarded the fish’s eye as a guide from heaven, which would be helpful in spiritual practice. Using the penetrating power of the fish’s eye and the characteristics of opening energy can also help us relieve the inner doubts that have plagued us for a long time and get out of the negative energy that makes our lives fall into a low ebb.
In addition, the light green fish eye stone contains fluorine, which can activate the energy of consciousness so that the energy that was originally dull and blocked can be quickly cleared. When our state of consciousness is raised to a higher level, we will naturally be able to see the future path more clearly and even understand our mission in this life, and walk on the correct and suitable path.

How to use Apophyllite?

Ordinary users can place the apophyllite stone in an environment that requires a lot of mental work or is easy to feel tired and uncomfortable. Its energy is directly transparent, which can relieve the space’s blockage and negative energy, so there is no grudge between groups.
Placing the apophyllite stone on the head or between the eyebrows can help us unleash the potential we have never discovered before and break through our constraints.
On the body, it can relieve headaches, dizziness and excessive tension caused by chronic insomnia or low mood.
Colorless or white Apophyllite helps us reorient our lives toward a future that suits our development. Pale green is grateful for his life, transcends his own limitations, and even feels that he is in the energy of love, and the power of calm and meticulousness is protecting himself.

When to use Apophyllite?
  • Feel that life is standing still
  • Fatigue due to insomnia or inability to rest
  • those who wish to be freed from bondage