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Morgan Beads

morgan beads

Morgan Beads

morgan beads

Morgan Beads

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Morgan crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw morgan, polished morgan,morgan tower points wands bulk wholesale, morgan chips.

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morgan beads

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Wholesale Morganite Crystal Guide:

What is Morganite?

Morganite belongs to the beryl family, is pale pink due to the inclusion of manganese elements, and contains lithium oxide and a small amount of cesium. It has a higher refractive index and transparency, making morganite more shiny and bright than other members of the beryl family. 

In 1911, morganite was discovered in Madagascar, and it was named after J.P.Morgan, an American banker and gem collector. Later, morganite with good texture was found in California and San Diego, and the color was close to pink. 

Its origin is mainly concentrated in Brazil, Russia, the United States and Africa. Morganite is also found in Xinjiang, Yunnan and Inner Mongolia in China, but the output is small. Due to the rarity of morganite production, it is precious and more popular among people.

Chemical components


Crystal system: hexagonal crystal system, with longitudinal striations developed on the cylindrical surface, and sometimes the crystal developed with a hexagonal biconical surface

Optical properties: Color—due to manganese-induced color and contains a small amount of rare metal cesium, colors include pink, pink-orange, light orange-red to light purple, rose, peach

Luster: vitreous luster, mostly transparent; a small amount can be translucent to opaque

Refractive index: 1.577~1.583

Dichroism: obvious, from different angles, morganite can be found to show two delicate and subtle colors, leaning towards light pink and dark pink with bluish.

Mechanical properties

Cleavage: incomplete cleavage

Mohs: 7.5~8 hardness

Density: 2.80~2.90g/cm

What Is The Healing Energy Of Morganite?

Morganite belongs to the hexagonal crystal system, which can make energy radiate light, reveal the hidden beauty of the past, and help us truly face our inner need for love.
Morganite is also known as “mother’s love” it can help those who have been disconnected from their mothers in childhood to receive the energy of mothers again, and make them feel unconditional love and understand that the essence of love is to dedicate ourselves.
For those whose mothers have been frustrated or who have suffered a major blow in love, morganite will bring out the strong femininity within us, activate the warm self-healing power, and understand and accept those who have hurt them.
Suppose someone often plays the role of hurting others in life or uses means to let others fail to satisfy himself. In that case, morganite will also soften his stone heart, dissolving human nature’s evil and vicious side into the energy of love.
With the power of manganese, pink morganite is a healing stone associated with love, which extends beyond the love of men and women, but is the power of love that flows between all human beings. When you can exchange energy with morganite, you will feel that you are in endless love.

How To Use Morganite?

People can wear morganite to enhance their charm to truly present the beautiful side of their hearts, and they will no longer feel self-pity. Wearing morganite can help you feel balanced and confident when you experience extreme imbalances in your relationships or situations that make you nervous.
If you feel sexually discriminated against or wronged in the workplace, the freedom and courage that morganite brings can also help you escape unfair situations.
Morganite can dissolve wounds of love in the past, relieve resentment towards others, re-establish an understanding of love, re-love everything about ourselves, accept all past history, and understand the shadows of the past.
The manganese element in morganite can promote the secretion of female hormones and growth hormones, which helps restore normal physiological functions. It is helpful to those who often suffer from physical pain or who are prone to gynecological diseases.

When To Use Morganite?
  • when you need love
  • When you have negative thoughts in your mind
  • When you are too dependent on others to be independent
  • longing for a long-lasting love relationship
  • preparing for pregnancy
  • Need to heal the wounds and make yourself beautiful
How To Clean Morganite?

Morganite can be purified with running water, sea salt, aroma, smoke, geode, and sound, but not sunlight; it may discolor the healing stone.

What Crystals Are Similar To Morganite?

Morganite is similar to light pink garnet or spinel but is better differentiated. Both garnet and spinel are homogeneous optical bodies, and no dichroism can be observed. At the same time, morganite has obvious dichroism, and light pink and bluish pink can be observed in different directions. Moreover, garnet and spinel’s refractive index and density are higher than that of morganite, and they appear to be more lustrous.