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sunstone stone

Sunstone Stone

raw sunstone stone
Raw Sunstone Stone
sunstone beads
Sunstone Beads
sunstone stone

Sunstone Stone

raw sunstone stone
Raw Sunstone Stone
sunstone beads
Sunstone Beads

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Sunstone crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw sunstone, polished sunstone,sunstone tower points wands bulk wholesale. sunstone chips.

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sunstone beads

Sunstone Beads Bulk

raw sunstone stone

Raw Sunstone Stone Wholesale

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Wholesale Sunstone Crystal Guide:

What is Sunstone?

Sunstone is a type of plagioclase. This stone is very rare, and its inclusions have flat crystals that sparkle. There are different colors such as yellow, orange, red and green. 

The composition of this sunstone is hematite and goethite, which can be seen as red flecks in sunlight.

Sunstone shines because the inclusions reflect light, creating an “alluvial gold effect,” hence the name “flash feldspar.” The various sunstone colors are formed by including hematite, goethite, copper ore and other substances.

Sunstone composition

Composition: NaAlSi3O8CaAl2Si2O8

Crystal system: triclinic

Color: yellow, orange, brown, etc.

Density: 2.65

Hardness: 6~6.5

Transparency: Translucent to slightly transparent

Refractive index: 1.53~1.55

Special Lighting Effect: Daylight Effect

What Is The Healing Energy Of Sunstone?

Sunstone has been closely related to the sun since ancient times, and people revered it as “the gemstone symbolizing the sun,” believing that it can trigger the sun’s enormous energy.

It is an indispensable gem for religious ceremonies in ancient Canada and India. In addition, some people believe that the shining light it emits can drive away evil spirits and guide things in the right direction, so it is also worn as a personal amulet.

Just as the sun shines on the earth and nurtures the growth of all living things and prolongs life, sunstone is also believed to nurture the growth of human beings, especially to awaken the sleeping energy of human beings and transform the negative energy in body into positive energy. Therefore, until now, sunstone is still loved by many people.

Sunstone has been closely related to the sun since ancient times. Some people still think it is a power stone that stimulates the sun’s energy.

It is said that the power stone of sunstone helps to develop self-confidence. Therefore, it is very effective for those who are stagnant in life and work. It can also eliminate the negative thinking of blaming others for everything and obtain the true joy of life.

It is said that sunstone can activate brain function on the physical side, and it is very effective when placed on the first life wheel; sunstone can inject energy into all life wheels.

How to Use Sunstones?

Sunstone develops cleavage, so it is brittle and very squeamish. Do not wear sunstone bracelets when exercising or doing heavy work, and avoid falling or bumping to cause irreparable damage.

The temperature changes will affect its durability, so don’t wear it in the shower and soak it in hot springs because the temperature change may cause cracks in the sunstone, influencing the aesthetics and durability.

Do not put the sunstone bracelet and other jewelry in the same fart box so as not to rub against each other and cause wear, affecting the bracelet’s beauty.

We should check a sunstone bracelet regularly. If the thread or knot of the bracelet is found to be loose, it should be replaced in time. To avoid the phenomenon of falling beads, they should be placed in a clean small jewelry box when not wearing. Take care of your baby to ensure that the baby is delicate and radiant.

Sunstone is generally translucent. Red is the most expensive color, followed by orange, yellow, and light orange. It also depends on the number of internal inclusions. If there are many inclusions, the gold placer effect will be strong and the price will be high. Translucent and dark inclusions with good reflective results are the best products of sunstone. The larger the sunstone particles, the more valuable they are, and the thickness should be moderate, not too thick.

Similar to the moonstone, the sunstone should also be very particular. Due to the low hardness and developed cleavage of sunstone, be careful when wearing it and do not collide. There is no need to rub the beads because, for sunstone, this method is of little significance, so as long as you wear it carefully and see its beautiful aventurine effect with your eyes, it is the best way to use it.

How to Choose Sunstones?

The sunlight effect or aventurine effect is the label of sunstone, sparkling like the sun in the sky. The color of sunstone is mostly orange-red, light apricot orange-red. The visceral shape of translucent glands is also its typical feature.

Sunstone inclusions are very common. Under a magnifying glass, long plate-shaped hematite crystals are seen, shining in the sun, which can be used as an important basis for identification.

Sunstone is colorless and transparent but looks red, orange-yellow, and light orange-red, which is the appearance of the color of the inclusions. Therefore, the sunstone with high transparency, red, orange-red, light orange-red, many and large inclusions, obvious aventurine effect and large particles are more valuable when purchasing sunstone.

Depending on the composition of the inclusions in sunstone, various colors such as orange, yellow, red, brown and rare green are produced. When purchasing, it is better to have a beautiful alluvial effect.