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ruby zoisite stone
Ruby Zoisite Stone
ruby zoisite wand
Ruby Zoisite Wand
ruby zoisite beads
Ruby Zoisite Beads
ruby zoisite stone
Ruby Zoisite Stone
ruby zoisite wand
Ruby Zoisite Wand
ruby zoisite beads
Ruby Zoisite Beads

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Ruby zoisite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw ruby zoisite, polished ruby zoisite,ruby zoisite tower points wands bulk wholesale, ruby zoisite chips.

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ruby zoisite beads

Ruby Zoisite Beads Bulk

ruby zoisite stone

Ruby Zoisite Stone Wholesale

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Wholesale Zoisite Crystal Guide:

What is Zoisite?

Zoisite is generated by hydrothermal metamorphism of plagioclase, which is distributed in various metamorphic rocks and altered magmatic rocks. Its colors are mainly gray, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, etc. The gem industry also refers to all these colors of epidote as tanzanite.

Zoisite is a very common mineral. The crystals are usually columnar or flat rod-shaped, with longitudinal lines on the crystal surface and granular aggregates, which are transparent to opaque.

What Is The Difference Between Zoisite And Ruby Zoisite?

In the early days, zoisite was used as a common decorative material such as slate. It was not until the discovery of a special transparent crystal in Tanzania in the 1860s that it aroused everyone’s interest in zoisite.

A green zoisite covered with symbiotic ruby crystals is the most popular among the rock-like zoisite. This kind of ruby ​zoisite is a very good carving material, especially in Asia, because the red ruby zoisite makes people happy, and the price of ruby zoisite has increased significantly. Some people only use the ruby zoisite to make bracelets, necklace pendants, and other accessories.

Zoisite is found in crystalline granite and metamorphic rocks, with colors ranging from colorless, violet, pink, and green. Different origins produce zoisite with different colors and appearances.

Norway produces manganese zoisite, Tanzania produces tanzanite, and other origins include Austria, the United States, India, and Pakistan.

In addition, the yellow-green prehnite stone has become an alternative gemstone for ice and glass jade due to its faint fluorescence, lustrous texture and grease-like luster.

The price of prehnite stone is much different from that of jade, so it is elegant, delicate and graceful. The prehnite stone has gradually become the new favorite of the jewelry market.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Zoisite?

According to legend, zoisite can transform negative energy into positive energy and has psychic ability. It is said to be good for the body, mind and spirit.

Psychologically, it is believed that wearing zoisite helps to develop one’s own personality, to put the disturbing goal back on track, instead of following the rules or obeying others.

As a creation crystal, it is said that it can also eliminate people’s laziness, make people no longer suppress their emotions, and boldly work for their goals. At the same time, when the desire is too inflated, it also turns destructive urges into constructive actions. In addition, it can help people recover from serious illnesses and ease tension.

Zoisite is good in detoxification, neutralizing excess stomach acid and relieving inflammation. It also strengthens the body’s immune system, promotes cell regeneration, and treats diseases of the heart, spleen, pancreas and lungs, and ovaries and pills. According to legend, wearing it with ruby​ can enhance people’s reproductive ability.

Wear it correctly or place it on the appropriate body part, in contact with the skin. It is suitable for long-term wear because zoisite takes effect slowly.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Tanzanite Zoisite?

It is traditionally believed to be a gem that corrects heat with extremely high energy, which can make people enter a deep state of loneliness. Moreover, according to the theory of some crystal minds, this gemstone can bring higher spiritual energy to the material world and strengthen the higher levels of Insightful exchange.

Not only that, but in some legends, it is also regarded as a gem that connects the kingdom of heaven, which can promote the ability of inner vision and “soul penetration.”

It is said that when there is disharmony, this gemstone changes color to remind people.

Regarding curative effects, tanzanite is good for the head, throat and chest, and it can be used together with green jade and glass meteorite to make an excellent gemstone.