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smoky quartz wand

Smoky Quartz Wand

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Smoky Quartz Stone

raw smoky quartz stone

Raw Smoky Quartz Stone

smoky quartz wand

Smoky Quartz Wand

smoky quartz stone

Smoky Quartz Stone

raw smoky quartz stone

Raw Smoky Quartz Stone

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Smoky quartz crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw smoky quartz, polished smoky quartz,smoky quartz tower points wands bulk wholesale. smoky quartz chips.

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Wholesale Smoky Quartz Crystal Guide:

What is Smoky Quartz?

Smoky crystal, also known as ink crystal, belongs to the hexagonal crystal system. Smoky crystal is a radioactive mineral crystal, mostly in the form of hexagonal cylinders. Like other transparent crystals, there are sometimes ice cracks, clouds and other inclusions in it.

Like citrine, Smoky crystal also has a lot of energy. Its energy is relatively deep, stable, and steady, not as strong as citrine. It doesn’t feel strong when you first wear it, but it has a lot of stamina.

It is generally used to absorb turbid qi or to ward off evil spirits, and the effect is very good. Currently, many Smoky crystals are made of white crystals that have been irradiated with diamond radiation to change the arrangement and combination of their internal molecules and the reaction of trace metals. Although not purely natural, it is also a gem worthy of collection.

Smoky crystal has different colors and can be divided into three types: tea, ink and smoke according to the depth of color. Smoky crystal is also available in transparent and translucent, most of the time, it is transparent, but sometimes it forms a completely opaque dark brown. In addition, the different shades of citrine are due to the influence of natural radiation when it is formed.

 In the past, it was believed that the smoke color came from the organic matter in the crystal, but recent studies have proved that this view is not entirely correct.

The generation of color is more likely to be caused by the color center (vacant color center) caused by the replacement of silicon with a small amount of aluminum in the crystal lattice.

Some colorless crystals can be irradiated to smoke, while others cannot. The smoky crystal itself can also become colorless after heating. Some X-ray radiation or heat treatment can also become a beautiful yellow citrine. These phenomena indicate that the color mechanism of smoky crystals should be more complicated.

In addition to being used as a jewelry stone, the flawless and cotton-free smoky crystal is also used to make crystal sunglasses.

Smoky crystal property

Chemical composition: SiO2

Structure: Crystalline

Hardness: 7

Color: Smoke yellow, brown to black

Mineral composition: Quartz smoky crystal is a solid sol that belongs to colloid.

Main origin: Brazil, South America, Africa, etc.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Smoky Quartz?

Smoky quartz is a kind of spiritual gem. Wearing citrine accessories is a good amulet and can ward off evil and evil.

If you wear smoky quartz ornaments on your left hand, it helps to filter the turbid and sick qi in the body and has a certain regulating effect;
if you are busy, wearing smoky quartz can help clarify your thoughts and know complicated situations clearly to make the most efficient and direct response and treatment.

For ladies, smoky quartz can be used to regulate gynecological disease, and it can also enhance physical strength and vitality.

Smoky quartz also has a very good effect on promoting youth, slowing down human aging, and enhancing the reproductive system.

If the body is injured, or if there is damage to the skin tissue somewhere, smoky quartz can also enhance regeneration and make wounds heal faster, enhance immunity, activate cells, restore youth, etc.

What’s more interesting is that some say Smoky quartz has the effect of rejuvenating youth. These claims do not necessarily have a scientific basis but are just folklore.

The advantage of smoky crystal is that it can enhance the body’s immunity and promote some circulation in the whole body. And if someone injured and temporarily lost some vitality wears smoke crystals, they will quickly recover their vitality.

Who Is Not Suitable For Wearing Smoky Crystals?

Smoke crystals are not suitable for people with too much yang energy to wear. Because the smoke crystal itself enhances the Qang Qi and the body’s vitality.

 If people wear it with too much yang energy, it can easily cause excessive effects, which is not good.