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apatite wand

Apatite Wand

apatite crystal beads

Apatite Crystal Beads

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Apatite Pendant

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Apatite Wand

Apatite Crystal Beads

Apatite Crystal Beads

Apatite Pendant

Apatite Pendant

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Apatite crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw apatite, polished apatite, apatite tower points wands bulk wholesale. apatite chips.

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apatite beads

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Wholesale Apatite Crystal Guide:

What is Apatite?

The name apatite is derived from the Greek word “apart”, because some apatites look like other popular minerals, including aquamarine, amethyst, and peridotite.

Apatite is a general term for a group of phosphate minerals. These minerals vary in color but have a similar crystal structure and are the most common phosphorus-containing minerals used to make phosphate fertilizers (a type of fertilizer). 

Crystals are short or long prisms with hexagonal facets, while others are tabular (the shape of a slate).

Some apatites are large blocks, and some are small irregular nodules present in many intrusive igneous or partially metamorphic rocks.

Apatite Properties

Chemical formula: Ca(PO₄)₆(OH)₂

・Color: Green, Brown, Red, Yellow, Violet, Pink, White

・Hardness: 5

・Cleavage: always incomplete horizontal cleavage

・Fracture: jagged; arc-shaped, like a scallop shell

・Streaks: White

・Gloss: Vitreous gloss, grease gloss

・Other: Transparent to translucent

What Is The Healing Energy Of Apatite?

Crystal lovers believe that apatite is a bridge between matter and consciousness, has inspiring properties, enhances humanity, and promotes altruism. 

Moreover, this stone of expression can also develop people’s supernatural abilities, prompting people to deepen their thoughts and improve their Kundalini. 

It helps people adapt to different changes while staying closely connected to their past lives.


Apatite can be used for:

  • stimulate enthusiasm;
  • strengthen energy reserves;
  •  eliminate indifference and solitary aspects of personality;
  • encourage people to be more natural and frank when dealing with others;
  • make people more harmonious when communicating with others;
  • express themselves more conveniently and smoothly.

Because it can absorb the negative energy of itself and others, it is also very beneficial for children with ADHD or autism.

In addition, apatite can stimulate creativity, improve intelligence, help eliminate doubts, obtain information, expand knowledge and truth, relieve sadness, indifference and anger, and overcome emotional exhaustion.

By releasing the root chakra’s energy, apatite can eliminate frustration and help people identify with legitimate desires.

What Is The Therapy Of Apatite?

Apatite helps bone growth and promotes the formation of new cells; 

it is beneficial to the body’s absorption of calcium, and it is helpful to cartilage, bone, teeth and motor nerves;

it can improve arthritis, joint disease and Ho Lou disease conditions, can Suppress muscle hunger, increases metabolic frequency, encourages healthy eating, and benefits glandular tissues, meridians and organs: 

It also can suppress high blood pressure. 

In addition, apatite also inhibits hyperactivity and can improve the lack of vitality, thus bringing the physical, emotional, spiritual, spiritual and chakras into harmony. Apatite also enhances the effect when combined with other crystals.

Location: Wear the apatite on your body, or place it in the right place.