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Larimar Chip

larimar beads

Larimar Beads

Larimar Beads

Larimar Beads

Larimar chip

Larimar Chip

larimar beads

Larimar Beads

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larimar crystals and stones wholesale, rough raw larimar, polished larimar,larimar tower points wands bulk wholesale. larimar chips.

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Wholesale Larimar Stone Guide:

What is Larmiar Stone?

As a mineral name, Pectolite refers to a silicate mineral with a chemical formula of NaCa2[Si3O3](OH), which may contain a small amount of Mn. It belongs to the triclinic crystal system, and the crystal form is needle-like and fibrous.

As the name of jade, it refers to the cluster with needle sodalite as the main mineral component. Because of its blue and white stripes, it is also known as Larimar Stone-Dominican blue gem.

The main mineral composition of Larimar Stone is acicular sodalite, which contains a minor or trace amount of microscopic, scaly blue, and dust-spotted black minerals.

According to the fact that both blue minerals and black minerals contain chemical elements of copper and sulfur, and the atomic ratio of copper to sulfur in blue minerals is close to 1:1, it is inferred that the blue minerals may be copper, blue CuS, and the black minerals may be chalcocite CuS, In nature, these two minerals often coexist together.

Furthermore, no copper element was detected according to the colorless and white parts of the kelpite. Further analysis speculated that copper does not exist in the form of ions in the Larimar Stone but as the mineral components of caerulite and sapphire. Copper ore mixed with acerite.

The color of copper blue is beautifully blue, and it is also the color-causing mineral of blue aciculate, a rare jade.

Basic Properties of Larimar Stone

1)  Mohs hardness: 4.5~5.

2) Density: 2.74 ~ 2.90g/cm

3) Optical properties: heterogeneous mineral aggregates.

4) Refractive index: 1.599~1.636, usually 1.60 for spot measurement.

5) Gloss: glass gloss or silk donated gloss

6) Color: Colorless, white, off-white, yellow-white, blue, and sometimes light pink. The sea granite has blue and white stripes, and some form a spotted lattice.

7) Transparency: Translucent to slightly transparent.

Larimar Stone is produced in basalt pores or fissures and coexists with zeolite. It is also occasionally found in calcium-rich metamorphic rocks. The only origin of the world’s helicoid is in Dominica, and the output is minimal. It is the national stone of Dominica.

What Is The Healing Energy Of Larimar Stone?

Crystal lovers believe that Larimar Stone can improve insomnia, and it is said that it can improve interpersonal relationships.
Wearing this gemstone can have positive energy thinking, make the mind calmer, free from distractions, and so on.

How To Choose Larimar Stones?

As the name suggests, the Larimar stone has a blue-like sea and a blue-green and white form, like the waves blooming in the sea. According to the research, the blue part and the white part have the same mineral composition, both of which are acerite. As a rare gemstone, there is as yet no accepted grading system for Lamarite stone. We can usually evaluate it by color, texture, luster, clarity, cut, etc.

  • color

The bluer the color, the better, the more like the ripples in the sea, and the higher the value. The best quality is the deep diamond color, which is often referred to as volcanic blue; the second is turquoise blue, as the name suggests, like turquoise blue; sky blue again, and light blue; white is the worst.

  • Texture

The lines should be clear, and the shape of the lines should be intact, such as the “tortoise pattern.”

  • luster

The luster should be bright and soft, and the dark luster will greatly reduce the value of the seaweed.

  • Cleaness

Slightly different from diamonds and many colored gemstones, the clarity of Lamarite stone refers to the degree of blemishes and impurities on its surface. The blue base of the hyacinth and the veins of the white hyacinth jewelry often have reddish-brown impurities, which are generally distributed in dots. Flaws such as cracks, spots, inclusions, etc., that all impact the clarity of the Lamarite stone,resulting in affecting its value.

  • Cut

At present, there are mainly cambered and bead-shaped Larimars stone on the market. Recently, there are also ornaments carved into various themes. The Larimars stone is endowed with a cultural connotation through carving, which can improve the insufficiency of gems and enhance the value.