Fire agate belongs to chalcedony family of microcrystalline quartz. It is a kind of sub-precious stone with very little output. Its Mohs hardness is 6.5-7, like that of ordinary agates.

This mineral was formed 24 million to 36 million years ago, when these areas suffered from large-scale volcanic activity during the Tertiary Period. The foam of hot water, silicon dioxide, and iron oxide during this period filled the cracks in the surrounding rock repeatedly to form a layered structure.

Fire Agate structure

There is a thin layer of wrapping material between the layers of fire agate, such as thin flake mineral crystals of iron oxide. When the light shines, the film interference phenomenon will occur, which will flash red halo, so it is called fire agate. In the sun, it looks like colorful bubbles.

Origin of fire agate

The fire agate was first discovered in Arizona, the United States, around 1950. Later, fire agate was also found in northern Mexico and California, the United States. Up to now, there is no record of fire agate discovery in the third country in the world.

Unlike other agates, fire agate is not produced independently. Its color is usually attached to the surface of chalcedony or complex rock in a wavy and irregular manner, which leads to the gradual cutting of the perfect fire color.

Of course, the volume of the fire agate is not very large, so fire agate is expensive.

fire agate beads

The difference between fire agate and Opal

Fire agate and Opal have similar colors. Many believe that fire agate and Opal are the same gems.

In fact, there are essential differences between the two gemstones, mainly due to different color causes.

The color change of Opal comes from the diffraction of white light by the regularly arranged silicon particles and the space between them.

The diameter of silicon particles determines the distribution range of opal color. Small silicon particles will make Opal produce the usual blue-purple and vice versa.

Fire agate is a layered structure, and there will be thin layers of liquid or red tabular hematite and other mineral inclusions between its layers.

Under the illumination of light, due to the interference effect of light, it flashes like fire.

In short, the color of Opal is formed by the diffraction of light, and the interference of light forms the color of fire agate. Opal is primarily hazy in color, with less brightness and brightness than fire agate.

Fire agate has become a new favorite in the jewelry industry and is known as “the diamond in agate” once it came out because of its scarce origin, limited production, beautiful shape and bright colors.

Healing property of Fire agate

Fire agate has a close connection with the earth. Its energy is stable, which can give people a sense of security and help people overcome difficulties.

It is said that fire agate has a strong protective effect, especially because it can form a protective net around the body.

It can not only prevent the wearer from being hurt by the ancestral curse but also rebound the damage back, making the perpetrator suffer from it.

Physiologically, it can help the pleasure of the boudoir, stimulate the sea wheel, and bring vitality to the whole body.

Psychologically, fire agate can eliminate fear and bring a sense of security. Holding fire agate can make people introspect and easily solve internal problems: it can also eliminate desire, greed and bad habits.

Spiritually, fire agate is a protective stone that can relax, make the body feel comfortable, and help people think.

Many people believe fire agate represents perfection, can make people strong-willed and is conducive to the development of consciousness.

Fire Agate Efficiency

Fire agate benefits the stomach and nerves, can help treat endocrine and circulatory system disorders, strengthen night vision, and make mental vision clearer.

It can restore the balance of the body by stimulating the triple energizer meridian, removing damp heat and body heat;

it can also inject vitality into the body and reduce energy consumption.

Placing the fire agate on the damaged chakra can gradually restore the regular operation of the chakra.

Spiritually, fire agate can eliminate the blockage of the etheric body and bring energy to the chi field.

Who is suitable for fire agate?

Those who are aloof, unsociable, yet aloof, and self-pitying in the mirror are most suitable to wear fire agate to stimulate enthusiasm;


Fire agate is a kind of agate containing iron oxide inclusions, which is a mixture of silicon dioxide and iron oxide, with a layered wrapping structure between them. After cutting and polishing, seven colors like the flame will appear, so it is called fire agate.

Because most of them are brown in different shades and have a relatively strong seven-color halo, they look a little like the fire opal with surrounding brown rock in Mexico and the brown body color opal in Ethiopia opal.