Agate and chalcedony are both cryptocrystalline quartz, which is collectively called chalcedony in mineralogy, but cryptocrystalline massive quartz with banded structure is called agate in gemmology, and if the block has no banded structure, it is called chalcedony. So, What’s the difference between Onyx Agate and Agate?

In gemmology, Onyx agate refers to the chalcedony that is translucent to completely opaque, and black and white colors are distributed in parallel strips or curved bands;

Agate refers to all kinds of chalcedony that are translucent to sub-translucent and can be irregular or curved in color.

The English name “Onyx” of onyx agate originates from the Greek word “Onyx”, which means claw or nail. Onyx agate is often used as relief material because of its distinct layers and strong color contrast.

China is a major producer of agate, and the famous Nanjing “Yuhua Stone is agate. Brazil, India, Russia and the United States also produce agate.”.

black onyx beads

The relationship between onyx and onyx black agate

Onyx is one of the varieties of agate belonging to onyx minerals. Its interior is often mixed with opal and aphanitic quartz. Its Mohs hardness is 7-7.5 (the highest in the agate family), and its specific gravity is 2.65.

Its color is layered, translucent or opaque, with wax luster. It is mainly used for processing into ornaments or play pieces. Onyx with large block sizes will use its light transmittance as interior decoration materials.

Some onyx varieties have unique names to distinguish them from other agates.

Onyx black agate and Sardonyx are common onyx in the market. The interior of agate generally contains banded texture. It is called “onyx” because its ribbons are in the shape of “onyx.”

Those with red stripes are the most precious in the onyx family, known as “red onyx.” Therefore, In China, there is a saying in the industry: “People are always poor if they wear agate without red.” Of course, this is just a joy. Don’t take it seriously.

In fact, black onyx is also a good variety, and people who wear black onyx will not be poor because of “no red agate.”

From the perspective of cultural connotation, it is believed that black agate (including black onyx and ordinary black agate) is also called the stone of longevity.

It has the energy of calming people, calming them down, relieving pressure, and enhancing their bravery, which helps to ward off evil spirits and resist the invasion of spells and witchcraft.

Black agate has another nickname, Heilishi. Black agate ornaments (such as bracelets) are suitable for wearing on the left hand.

Onyx Black agate Healing Property

Onyx Black agate is a latent healing stone that can help us repair energy, strengthen the biological magnetic energy field, protect people from external negative energy, and reduce the opportunity for the environment or other negative energy to affect us.

The energy of Onyx black agate is very stable, which can let us cut off our desire and stabilize the peripheral energy field so that people can be in a safe and stable state.

Onyx Black agate can repair wounds that have been frightened or abandoned. Deviation may occur if the growth process cannot be in a stable or supportive environment, and the family is full of uncertainty or violence. You can use Onyx black agate to bring stable energy to improve this situation.

How to use Onyx black agate

People can wear black onyx agate to stabilize their minds, not fear any challenge, and keep themselves in a harmonious state.

When to use Onyx black agate

  • Protect yourself from external interference
  • Affirm their efforts
  • Don’t be afraid to accept challenges
  • Purification method

How to clean onyx black agate

All purification methods are available


The English of Onyx agate originates from the Greek “onyx” (stripes and patterns). It is often confused with black obsidian, but they are entirely different.

In some cultures, it is mentioned that a kind of black stone can break the spell. For example, the Japanese believe that black agate has the magic power of exorcism, which can eliminate the combination of spells and restore people’s health and vitality. Nowadays, Onyx black agate on the market is usually heated, but some businesses will use dyeing methods, so You should identify it when purchasing.