Moonstone is a variety of orthoclase, mainly composed of orthoclase and albite, which are layered and interactive gem minerals, usually colorless to milky white. Most of them are translucent and glassy.

On the gem’s surface, you can see the floating flash of milky white or blue halo, which looks like dirty moonlight.

The quality of moonstones varies greatly.It is a low-quality moonstone if it is grayish white, has poor transparency, and usually presents a white halo.

A kind of Moonstone with high transparency, a blue halo, like a wandering gland, is of good quality. The best is a kind of adularia Moonstone produced in Germany, which is mainly made of adularia, and it is transparent and has a floating blue halo.

Moonstone is mainly produced in Sri Lanka, Myanmar, India, Madagascar, Tanzania, Brazil, Germany and the United States.

Moonstone beads

Characteristics of Moonstone

Moonstone is a kind of Feldspar gem. Feldspar, like quartz, is a very common and essential mineral in the crust.

In terms of the characteristics of feldspar, it can be divided into orthoclase and Plagioclase. Moonstone is a kind of orthoclase with the below character:

  • refractive index of 1.518~1.526, 
  • birefringence difference of 0.005,  
  • dispersion index of 0.012, 
  • relative density of 2.55~2.61, 
  • hardness of 6~6.5.

It has a unique greenish-white luster. In gemology, it is called Adularescence. The so-called greenish-white luster results from the interlaced growth of more than two kinds of feldspar minerals, forming a thin internal structure reflecting light. This principle is just like dust and water molecules in the atmosphere reflecting sunlight, making the sky look blue.

If the bedding structure is thick, the bluish-white luster formed is white, and the interlaced bedding must be very thin to form a blue luster.

This luster sometimes makes the Moonstone look like a cat’s eye effect. In addition to the translucent to white Moonstone as the background color, there are green, yellow and even nearly black Moonstone. The bluish-white luster it shines may also be silver white, light orange and yellow light flashes that due to the different feldspar minerals that make up the moonstone bedding structure.

The Healing Meaning of Moonstone

The name of Moonstone appeared before the 17th century, quoting the Greek word “Selene”, which means “moon”, and is called “selenite“.

It is said that in the dark moonlight of night, it can light up the darkness and guide the way of travellers, so it is also known as the “Traveler’s Stone”.

It has long been believed that it can protect the safety of travel, especially the safety of navigation. It is said that the profit and loss of the moon will change the flame in the Moonstone. According to Natural History written by Prenis, a naturalist in ancient Rome, the shape of the Moonstone will vary with the full moon and the waning moon.

It is said that Edward VI, the king of England in the 16th century, predicted the future through this stone for reference in his administration.

In addition, ancient India revered the Moonstone as the “holy stone” where the moon lived. People engaged in agricultural work would hang the stone on-farm tools to pray for a bumper crop.

Moonstone plays a significant role in lovers. The moonlight is softer and gentler than the sunlight, so the Moonstone can stimulate people’s warm feelings.

Indians and Europeans believe that Moonstone is the most suitable stone for lovers, which can play an aphrodisiac role and promote the success of love.

In China, the deity called the old man under the moon will carry a moonstone to bless the destined men and women. The love relationship between men and women implies fertility and harvest and is also full of sexual mystery and Moonlight Stone can play an essential role in this.

On the night of the full moon, you can predict the future with your lover by holding the Moonstone in your mouth. It is said that it can improve lung disease and epilepsy physically.

At present, some people think that the Moonstone is a typical “lover stone”, which is helpful to improve spiritual ability and dream of predictive content.

Moonstone is also a commemorative stone for thirteen years of marriage.

Tips on purchasing Moonstone

The imitations of Moonstone are mainly glass products. The bluish-white luster of glass products is different from the natural bluish-white luster of Moonstone, which can be easily identified with the naked eye.

In addition, the single refraction of glass is different from the birefringence optical phenomenon of Moonstone, which is also the identification basis.

The appearance of white agate with a transparent texture is somewhat similar to that of Moonstone, but the agate has no bluish-white luster, so it is not easy to mix.

The bluish-white luster of Moonstone is unique among gemstones, so it is a critical identification index for identification.

Choose the moonstone head to emphasize its blue and white luster. The more brilliant and prominent the blue light is, the better. The purity of the Moonstone is generally very high. The more transparent the background color is, the more vibrant the blue luster will be.

Of course, the price of the transparent and blue and white luster moonstone will also be higher.

Quality Identification of Moonstone

The light band is clear. When changing the angle of the gem, the light band will move smoothly. The quality is better. The key factors affecting the quality are whether the contour and side of convex cutting are perfect and whether the height is sufficient.

Some of the moonstones on the market are replaced by other minerals, although their names indicate they are moonstones. Be careful when buying.


Moonstone is a quiet and straightforward gem. Transparent to white gemstones have blue luster, which is reminiscent of a cleaner moon shining with blue light, so it is named Moonstone.

Moonstone and pearl are both birthday stones in June. Pearl is the representative stone of the moon. Moonstone symbolizes a bright moon.

Although they have different characteristics, they are both related to the moon. The charm lies in the gentle beauty of the Moonstone.