The natural Majorite with gem quality is the intermediate member of pyrope and almandine.

Basic Property of Majorite

  • Its Composition is (Mg, Fe) 3Al2 [SiO4] 3
  • Equiaxed crystal system.
  • The density is 3.74 ~ 3.94g/cm3,
  • The refractive index is 1.755 ~ 1.765.

Majorite is produced in North Carolina, Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Zambia, Brazil, etc. It is reported that starlight Majorite gemstones are also produced in East Africa.

The dispersion is 0.026, from pink to red, with good transparency, and the price is higher than that of almandine. 

Mineral name (Chinese)镁铁榴石Classification Moonstone and meteorite minerals
Mineral name (English)Majoritecode22019
Chemical property   
Crystal chemical formulaMg3(Fe,Al,Si)2[SiO4]3  
Chemical compositionSiO2 54.89,Al2O3 4.61, FeO 8.64,MgO 30.99, CaO 1.63, Total 100.76
Crystallographic characteristics   
Crystal morphologyThe crystal is micro granular, needle-shaped to equiaxedwith a particle size of 10 µ m,produced in veinlet.
Crystal morphology Java imageMajorite [4/m [3] 2/m]  
Crystal systemequiaxed crystal systemcrystal classhexaoctahedral crystal class
Symmetric type symbolOh-m3m(3L44L36L29PC)space groupOh10-Ia3d
Cell parameter a01.1524nmCell parameter α90°
Cell parameter  b01.1524nmCell parameter β90°
Cell parameter  c01.1524nmCell parameter γ90°
Cell parameter  Z8  
X-ray powder diffraction2.575 (100*), 2.881 (70), 1.540 (60), 2.454 (45*) 1.597 (40), 2.262 (35*), 2.352 (30)*(similar to pyrope): (ICDD 25-843)-Due to goethite inclusion.
optical properties   
Color:purple, light yellow brown; Purple luster in the sheetGloss 
Polychromatic dispersion 
axial opticalhomogeneityRefractive 
mechanical property   
Mohs hardness7-7.5relative density4
Cleavage fracture fracture 
occurrence and associated minerals   
occurrenceUnder the high pressure of impact metamorphic phase of the fire meteor, pyroxene with low calcium and high aluminum, olivine, and shock wave-induced glass are formed.  
Co associated minerals:coarse pyroxene, spinel, olivine, kamacite, goethite