The name of Kunzite comes from the American gemologist G.F. Kunz, who first mentioned this gem in 1902. Kunzite has strong pleochroic and can observe different colors at different angles.

The color of Kunzite is light, and the chromogenic element is “manganese“. Its color will fade over time, which is called “fading”.

Generally, it can maintain the stability of color when it is exposed to radiation on the market. This gem has the effect of energy stone. Because of the “manganese” contained in the Kunzite, it shows the lavender lilac.

Due to its bicolor, It has different colors when viewed from different directions and can reflect different colors under different light sources, so it is especially suitable for indoor wear at night;

As Kunzite is very easy to crack, it will fade if it is exposed to the sun for a long time, so it is called the “gem of the night”.

Kunzite beads

Basic property of Kunzite

Color: colorless, pink, pink purple

Hardness: 6.5~7

Cleavage: complete cleavage

Crystallization system: monoclinic system

Main origin: Brazil, Madagascar, the United States, Myanmar, Russia, and Sweden.

Energy form of Kunzite

Kunzite is a few transparent ores in the monoclinic system, which makes its energy more direct and effective. It can directly input energy into the energy field and highlight the hidden problems in the past, making all problems unsuitable.

At the same time, it can also help people lead out the sincere words hidden in their hearts or the feelings they try to hide and help us sincerely show our feelings.

Kunzite contains a large amount of lithium, which is the lightest element and can help us improve our energy so that heavy and serious emotions can be transformed into optimistic and positive energy, and the power to feel happy from the heart.

Kunzite and pink tourmaline are recognized as the most important healing stones that can relieve pressure, release negative energy, and comprehensively improve energy quality in the new era of ore healing.

Healing Meaning of Kunzite

The energy of Kunzite is stable, and it is a gem with high vibration frequency. According to legend, it can connect people with the love of the universe, awaken the selfless love in the heart, and help people tell each other love.

In addition, people believe it can bring about deep peace, enable people to concentrate in their lonely state, and is most helpful for beginners. It can also improve people’s creativity and encourage people to maintain a modest attitude and dedication.

Crystal therapy believes that Kunzite is a protective stone that acts on individuals and the environment. It can strengthen the energy field around the body, remove negative and redundant energy, and purify the human aura, forming a protective net around it.

It is said that this can make the wearer of the gem appear independent and distinctive even in the sea of people.

In addition, they also believe that Kunzite can activate the heart chakra and align the heart chakra with the throat chakra and the eyebrow chakra, which can be used to eliminate field tension, especially when it is worn as an ornament or tied to mobile phones and other electromagnetic devices, the effect is more obvious.

Kunzite is the guardian of the body, mind and spirit: it helps to remove the fresh stones on the road of life, eliminate the anxiety caused by pressure, and enable people to adapt to stressful life.

In addition, this gem that can “combine wisdom, intuition and inspiration” can help people reflect, or make constructive criticism, eliminate resistance, improve self-expression, make individuals reach a compromise with the needs of others as soon as possible, and help people reach a higher level in business.

It is an excellent therapist for those who have matured too quickly and can help them regain their lost confidence and innocence.

It is also a good choice for those suffering from depression due to emotional problems. It is said that it can remove the remaining emotional fragments, especially the sadness left over from previous life, so as to relieve pain and refresh the spirit.

In addition, it can also dispel resentment and make people treat others and themselves with tolerance.

The efficiency of Kunzite

Kunzite can strengthen the function of the circulatory system and make the heart beat more vigorously.

Moreover, it has certain curative effects on diseases affecting the human nervous system (such as neuralgia).

Its other therapeutic effects include stabilizing epilepsy, relieving joint pain, eliminating anaesthesia and strengthening the function of human immune system.

In addition, because it contains lithium, it is said that Kunzite can cure diseases caused by physical and mental disharmony, such as depression (the effect is better when it is made into gemstones). It also helps the body get rid of emotional stress.

Other colors of Kunzite

In the crystal theory, apart from the common attributes, the following colors of Kunzite have other functions:

Colorless Kunzite: it is said that this gem can temporarily store the soul until the soul returns to the body.

Yellow Kunzite: It is said that it can purify the environment, eliminate radiation and microwave in the gas field, adjust the Lun acupoint, reorganize DNA, stabilize cell structure, and coordinate the distribution of calcium and magnesium in the body.

Lavender Kunzite: It is a symbol of eternity. It is said that it can break the boundaries of time into eternity.

Metaphysics experts believe that it can urge the deceased to reincarnate as soon as possible, convey the information of the dead soul, and help people to become enlightened.

Green Kunzite: This is a new gem, with yellow, bright green and other colors. It is said that while making love more stable, it can also combine love and wisdom, which is conducive to people experiencing knowledge and emotion in higher fields and helping people understand the unknown.

Psychologically, it can gently eliminate frustration, help people face things bravely, and accept comfort and support from others and the universe.

In terms of treatment, Green Kunzite is beneficial to the thymus and chest of the body. Placing it on the eyebrow center wheel can stimulate insight; When it gently sweeps over the body, it can help doctors diagnose the disease.

How to use Kunzite

Using the energy of Kunzite can help us deal with the trauma and negative energy hidden in our hearts. When receiving the healing love brought by the purple lithium glow, its pink color can let us be in the energy of love and peace.

People can wear Kunzite to help themselves relax and easily face all the problems in life;

Kunzite will help you face it calmly When being misunderstood. It is also very suitable as a gift for relatives and friends.

It can help the other party to enter a better frequency. Kunzite can also help people release their inner sense of guilt and free them from self-bondage sin.

When to use Kunzite

  • When you are nervous or tense
  • When feeling unable to get rid of negative emotions
  • When affected by others’ energy
  • Want to bring happiness of being loved
  • Relieve guilt

Let yourself mature and get rid of the shadow of the past


Kunzite belongs to a kind of spodumene. In addition, there is green spodumene (Hiddenite) and yellow spodumene (Triphane). In recent years, Kunzite has been called a new era healing stone together with ores such as Charoite and is loved by the masses.